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Graze Box Review - Pistachios, Peking, Fig Roll

Graze Box Delivery Date: 16 December 2011 

Despite the impending backlog of Christmas postal deliveries, my Graze box arrived on time. Next week may be a different case. Looking at my account online, Graze has left a little message next to the 23rd informing me that they’re preparing this box in the Graze kitchen. I can’t wait!

All the selections this week had a ‘NEW’ label in the corner, so I guess the feedback will be quite important.

Graze Box Week 4
Here’s a look at this week's Graze box contents:

Chilli & Lime Pistachios

This pack contains just pistachios, still inside their partially opened shells. They’ve been roasted then somehow flavoured with chilli and lime. This gives them a slightly spicy, almost exotic taste. My daughters who love pistachios were a bit doubtful at first, but ended up arguing over who ate the most. It’s a good thing these packs are portion controlled as it would be hard to stop eating them. They’re great to snack on, and because they’re still in their shells, it takes longer to eat them (making your snack last longer) as you need two hands to prise open the shells. Small complaint – there were a few empty shells but still enough to keep us happy. (LOVE).
Calories for the punnet: 180
Chilli & Lime Pistachios

Peking Dynasty

This is an Asian style mix containing a mix of Peking cashews, Baked Soy Bites and Black Beans. I have never come across a black bean in dried form so this was something new to me. They’re a bit like biting into a nut but they’re more hollow. They are easy to eat but a little tasteless. The baked soy bites are delicious and I've loved all of the Graze rice cakes so far. The Peking cashews are also tasty – an unusual combination of sweetness and spiciness and we wanted more of these. Overall a good mix, though could have done with fewer black beans. (LIKE).
Calories for the punnet: 120

Peking Dynasty

Fig Roll

Fig Roll contains a mixture of cinnamon spiced sultanas, fig and sesame balls and sponge pieces. The punnet has an apple sign in the corner which means this pack counts as one of the ‘five a day’. I was most looking forward to the fig and sesame balls, but since there were only four of them, I limited myself to just one. These are made from a sort of fig paste centre with a sesame coating. Very tasty and chewy and it wasn't easy ignoring the remaining three. The cinnamon sultanas have just a hint of the spice, which pales in comparison to the orange sultanas and lemon sultanas received in recent weeks, which had a stronger flavour. The cinnamon sultanas taste more like regular sultanas to me. The sponge piece are tiny bits of dry sponge and they provide contrast to the chewiness of the other ingredients. The kids liked these. The calorie count for the punnet is also nice and low. I would be happy to get this now and again. (LIKE)
Calories for the punnet: 109

Fig Roll

Vanilla Cherry Frangipane

I was a bit hesitant when I first put these on my TRY list, mostly because of the cherries. However I was keen to try out the seed mix. This punnet is made up of vanilla sunflower seeds, vanilla pumpkin seeds, dried cherries and almonds. The seeds have a sticky coating made from sugar, honey and vanilla which is absolutely gorgeous. Probably not so great for the teeth but very moreish. Everyone wanted these. The cherries weren’t so popular in my family but they provide a squashy contrast to the crunchiness of the other ingredients. The almonds are nice and fresh but not our favourite type of nut. However, everything was eaten and we’d be happy to get this again. (LIKE)
Calories for the punnet: 196

Vanilla Cherry Frangipane

The total Graze box calorie count for this week is: 605
Another enjoyable grazing week. Each mix provided an interesting selection of nibbles we'd never normally be eating. And, although we would prefer more of some items and less of others, I feel confident Graze have provided a nutritionally well balanced mixture of snacks.

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