Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Christmas is over and the store shelves are making way for Easter goodies. It may be three months until Easter but already you can find chocolate eggs galore. Cadbury Mini Eggs however, can often be found year round.

Cadbury Mini Eggs have a solid milk chocolate centre surrounded by a crunchy outer shell. They can be bought in bags, tubes or even inside a large egg.

This year you can find them packed into a mini box which measures just 8.5cm (3 ¼”) tall by 3cm (1 ½“) wide and holds 14 eggs.

Eating the entire contents of a box on your own means you’d be consuming 220 calories. This is on a par with the calorie content of many chocolate bars. But, if you want to keep track of your calories as you eat each one, a single Cadbury Mini Egg has just 15 calories. 

They’re available in many stores now.

Nutrition Information: Per mini carton. 220 calories, 2.1g protein, 30.6g carbohydrates, 9.8g fat, 6.1g saturates, 0.6g fibre, 0.10g salt.


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