Sunday, 1 January 2012

Arden's Tomato & Basil Twists

If you’re looking for something a bit different to munch on as a snack or to serve with dips, Arden’s Tomato & Basil Twists are worth checking out. Not only do they look inviting to eat, they taste and smell as good as the description on the pack:

Layers of butter puff pastry entwined with tomatoes and basil, creating a delicate and crunchy twist.’

They’re crisp and flaky, but seem to melt in the mouth once you start eating them. They bear a strong resemblance to a pizza taste and kids adore them too. One of the best things about these lovely twists is that each one has only 25 calories.

Arden's Tomato & Basil Twists are produced in Switzerland for Arden Fine Foods UK Ltd. and you can find them in branches of Waitrose.

Arden's Tomato & Basil Twists
Nutrition Information: Per twist: 25 calories, 0.6g protein, 3.3g Carbohydrate, 0.3g sugar, 1.0g fat, 0.7g saturated fat, 0.2g fibre, 0.14 salt.


  1. WHERE can I buy these

    1. Hi, I've asked the people who make them what's happened, as they are still manufacturing this variety but don't seem to be in the shops. They replied that they're selling in ASDA but couldn't say which branches. I've looked online, but no luck. They do have lots of other new varieties, still delicious - in Waitrose.


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