Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nestlé Aero Bubbleball

More and more chocolate brands are appearing in ice cream form, with Mars, Cadbury and Nestlé all in on the act. Early last year, Nestlé launched Mint Aero Bubbleball, a chocolate and mint flavoured frozen mousse. Now, to add to the collection, recently spotted in the freezer section of Tesco, are these New Choc Aero Bubbleballs.

Described as:Double the taste with vanilla and chocolate mousse, milk chocolate pieces and a whole Aero bubbles chocolate’.

Each Aero Bubbleball has just under 100 calories so can be enjoyed as a treat which won't break your diet. The frozen mousses come in a cone shaped plastic pot which you hold onto while eating the contents with a spoon (the smaller the spoon, the longer it lasts)! Once you reach the bottom of the pot, there's a single Aero Bubble which perfectly finishes off this tasty dessert.

Although they can be eaten straight from the freezer, it is recommended to leave them out at room temperature for around 30 minutes so they can return to their mousse like state. We however, didn't realise this and ate them completely frozen. It certainly didn't detract from their taste. In fact, they are very similar to ice cream.

Each box of Aero Bubbleballs holds 4 x 100ml cones and they can be found in the ice cream section of larger supermarkets.

Nutrition Information: Per choc bubbleball: 96 calories, 2.3g protein, 11.9g carbohydrates, 11.5g sugars, 4.3g fat, 2.4g saturated fat, 0.4g fibre, 0.08g salt.

Nutrition Information: Per mint choc bubbleball: 99 calories, 2.3g protein, 12.4g carbohydrates, 12g sugars, 4.3g fat, 2.6g saturated fat, 0.4g fibre, 0.1g salt.

Choc Aero Bubbleball Mousse


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