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Graze - Snacks Delivered To Your Door

Graze is an online snack delivery service. It’s designed for people who love to snack and graze away at food during the day, but crave something different than the usual crisps, biscuits and general unhealthy fare on offer.
Inside a typical Graze box

The company was started in 2008 by seven friends who discovered they shared a similar sense of frustration at the lack of convenient, snack sized treats which might also provide some health benefits.

To fill this apparent gap in the market, Graze sources a wide range of quality produce to make up their nutritionally balanced and portion controlled snack packs. These are ideal for those who love grazing.

How Does the Graze System Work? 

After you've signed up, Graze has an easy four step system as follows: Step 1. Choose a type of box and tell Graze how often you’d like them delivered; Step 2. Tell Graze how much you like the foods in their range; Step 3. Graze hand pick your box based on your tastes; and Step 4. Your box is delivered first class through your letterbox. All details of your Graze deliveries are available so you can keep track of the dates you've ordered plus which snack you chose.

Types of Graze Boxes 

There are two main categories of box: the Nibble Box or a Nutrition Plan box.

The nibble box allows you the greatest choice of snacks. You simply choose anything you want from all areas. This includes things like flapjacks, freshly baked bread, chocolate coated nibbles, as well as nuts, seeds, dried fruits and crackers.

The nutrition plan boxes include an ‘eatwell box’, a ‘boost box’, or a 'light box'. The type of nutrition plan you select will enable you to choose snacks which are suitable for your plan. 

Eatwell Box

The 'eatwell box' provides a hand-picked selection of all Graze's healthy recipes with the odd treat now and again. Flapjacks or chocolate won't be sent, but everything else is included.

Boost Box

The Boost box is the strictest, most healthy box. It contains Graze's most nutrient dense foods, to give you a natural boost.Ruled out are olives, bread, crackers, chocolate and flapjacks, but everything else is included.

Light Box

This is the box to choose if you're on a calorie counted diet or watching your weight. The Light Box contains all the lowest calorie nibbles from Graze. Everything's between 54 and 146 calories and nothing tastes like diet food. No nuts, seeds, flapjacks or dark chocolate, but all else is included.

All graze boxes contain four portions of food.

How to Select your Snacks 

After you’ve chosen the type of Graze box you’d like, the next step is to go through each menu and take a look at the different snacks available. You have a choice of four options: BIN, TRY, LIKE or LOVE. Some snacks also have an option of SEND SOON. BIN = Never send me this; TRY = Happy to try; LIKE = Send Occasionally and LOVE = Send regularly.

For your first order, you can select either TRY or BIN. Any you don’t want, click on BIN and you’ll never be sent that item. After you’ve received your Graze box, you’re invited to rate each snack according to whether liked it, loved it or never want it again i.e. BIN. But, if you change your mind at a later date, you can amend your choice.

What Choices of Snacks are There? 

There are ten categories of snacks from which you can make your selection. These are: Breads, Crackers, Flapjacks, Olives, Natural Treats, Dried Fruit and Nut Mixes, Nuts, Dried Fruit, Seeds. Within each of these menus you’ll find the various combinations of snacks.

For example, under the ‘SEEDS’ menu are 12 different combinations of various seed mixes including ‘Savoury Roasted Seeds’, ‘Natural Vanilla Seeds’ and ‘Graze’s Perfect Seeded Granola’ – a delicious combination of oats, sultanas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, honey, coconut, maple syrup, sesame seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange zest.

The Graze Box 

Each Graze box is from a sustainable forest, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. It’s also the right size to fit through most letter boxes, so you don’t have to worry about coming home to find the dreaded ‘While you were out’ card on your doormat.

A Graze box
Inside the box are your four snack punnets. Each is individually sealed inside clear containers and labelled with the name of the selection. Also included in your first box is a small booklet with handy tips on how the graze system works.

The Graze box is always accompanied by a leaflet containing a complete nutritional breakdown and calorie count of the contents of each snack. There is also a 'use by' date so you know when each snack should be eaten by.  The calorie count is particularly helpful, as it’s next to impossible keeping track of calories when grazing on regular food throughout the day.

How Much Does it Cost? 

The cost is £3.49 per box including first class delivery and all graze boxes contain four individual portions of food. The first box can be purchased free with a code and the second box is half price. Before your first order, you must register online and enter the details of the payment card you wish to use. After that, you are charged on a weekly basis.


Graze are completely flexible with regards to the contents of your Graze boxes, the frequency of delivery and delivery day. You can also stop your delivery for a certain week or get your delivery sent to another address – for example if you’re staying elsewhere at Christmas. You can also cancel at any time, even up to the day before delivery.

Personal Note: 

I’ve been receiving Graze packs for a month now and they have totally lived up to all their website promises. My Grazes boxes have arrived promptly each week, though obviously the vagaries of the postal system come into play. But, so far so good.

The surprise effect is fun, as you never know what’s going to be inside your Graze box. Everyone in my family looks forward to inspecting the contents to see what snacks have arrived each week. What’s also nice are the friendly little notes inside each box as well as vouchers to give to friends or family to try a free Graze box.

I’ll be reviewing my Graze boxes on a weekly basis in separate posts, so please keep an eye out for them under the ‘Graze’ label.

Visit the Graze website here.


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