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Graze Box Review - Lost Army, Flapjacks, Nuts & seeds, Bakewell Tart

Graze Box Delivery Date: 25 November 2011 

After signing up with Graze the previous week, I was eagerly awaiting the first delivery. I’d selected Friday as my Graze box delivery day and sure enough, come Friday, there it was sitting on the doormat waiting for me when I came home. Thankfully, it’s just the right size to fit through a regular sized letter box.
The Graze box

Graze had sent an email letting me know that my Gaze box was in the post and should reach me by Friday. There was also a link inviting me to have a sneak preview to see what’s in my box. That'd spoil the surprise so I declined.

Nutrition leaflet
Inside the box were four different graze snacks, all sealed with a clear film and packed into a recyclable cardboard box. Also included was a handy leaflet with a complete nutritional breakdown of the contents of each snack, plus lots more information. Everything is written in a chatty and engaging style.

So, here’s a look at what arrived this week.

Graze snack box selection
Inside the Graze box

Lost Army 

Lost Army is an Oriental selection of colourful mixed rice crackers and mixed peanut crackers of different shapes and sizes. Some are sweet, others very spicy and they provide a nice contrast to each other. Rice crackers make wonderful snacks when you're watching your weight because they’re so low in calories. (Love)
Calories for the punnet: 74.5.

Graze snack box lost army

Hickory Smoked Nuts and Seeds 

What an interesting sounding name this selection has. Included here are smoked cashews, smoked almonds, roasted sunflower seeds and roasted pumpkin seeds. Everything in here was a big hit with my family apart from the almonds. None of us are keen on almonds but I want these again. (Like).
Calories for the punnet: 203.
Graze snack box hickory smoked nuts & seeds

Apple and Cinnamon Flapjacks 

This pack contains one flapjack sliced into three equal portions. The ingredients in these flapjacks include rolled oats, margarine, demerara sugar, honey, apple and cinnamon. They’re squishy, buttery and so moreish. The kids couldn’t eat these fast enough. With those ingredients, flapjacks are at the higher end of the calorie scale, so it’s a good thing there’s only one pack of them. We’ll definitely have these again. (Love).
Calories for the punnet: 242. (80.6 calories per flapjack).

Graze snack box apple and cinnamon flapjacks

Bakewell Tart 

I've never liked actual Bakewell Tarts, but I ordered this selection because it included some unusually flavoured dried fruit. Bakewell Tart consists of cherry infused sultanas, dried cranberries and almonds. The cherry sultanas were an interesting alternative to regular sultanas and the cranberries, well, they were nice, just like regular dried cranberries. No-one really liked the almonds so I won't order this one again as I can get dried cranberries in another mix. Sorry Bakewell Tart but this is a (Bin).
Calories for the punnet: 154.

Graze snack box bakewell tart

The total Graze box calorie count for this week is 674 calories.

My first experience of Graze was a success. The kids loved the contents and were as excited as I was to see what delights it held. Apart from the Bakewell Tart selection, two of the snacks we loved and one was a like. Even better, the first box is free!

If you'd like to try a Graze box completely FREE of charge, visit the Graze link and enter the code: 9HZTPXFA. 

You're under no obligation to purchase any Graze boxes. However, once you've tried your first Nutrition box, you're bound to be hooked.

Read about how the Graze system works in this post.

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