Monday, 5 December 2011

Celebrations Mini Chocolate Selection Box

Coming up to Christmas time, the stores are awash with chocolate selection packs, while office desks become strewn with open boxes of choccies, tempting every passer by to dip in. It's scenarios such as this that make Christmas one of the most difficult times of the year for those on a diet.

If you're thinking of giving a box of chocolates as a present to someone who's on a diet, it might not be entirely welcome. However, to keep the calories down, you could always consider giving them a mini 70g box of Celebrations.

Mini Celebration boxes by Mars contain an assortment of eight popular chocolates in miniature form. Inside each box you’ll find a Bounty, Twix, Mars Bar, Milky Way, Galaxy Caramel, Snickers, Galaxy Chocolate and Maltesers.

The whole box contains 344 calories, with each chocolate worth an average of 44 calories. You can find mini Celebration boxes in stores now.

For information on the amount of calories in the full sized chocolates, check out the 'Popular Chocolate Bars' post.

Nutrition Information: Per 70g box: 344 calories, 3.92g protein, 43.4g carbohydrate, 16.9g fat.

Update: 2018:

If you can't find the above mini box, there is the 240g pack which contains roughly 1,185 calories for the whole lot. Or the 320g box which contains roughly 1,580 calories for the lot! Best to share the around, fast!

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