Friday, 18 November 2011

Shapers WATERVIT Low Calorie Drinks

This is a new range of still and sparkling low calorie flavoured 'functional' waters from the Shapers brand in Boots stores.

There is a choice of five flavours, with each providing its own unique combination of vitamins and various minerals which may provide certain health benefits in addition to quenching your thirst.

Shapers WATERVIT Weight Watch is a still, orange flavoured spring water. This has added B vitamins and vegetable root extract, which according to the label “helps you feel fuller for longer and supports your metabolism”. Each 500ml bottle has 7 calories and is suitable for vegetarians.

Shapers WATERVIT Daily Defence is a still, raspberry & apple flavoured spring water with added Vitamin C, B Vitamins and Zinc. The blend of Vitamins B and C plus zinc can “give your immune system some support and help keep fatigue at bay”, according to the label. The whole 500ml bottle has only 5 calories and is suitable for vegetarians.

Shapers WATERVIT Relax & Rewind is a still elderflower & lime flavoured spring water. This drink has added Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Magnesium & Chamomile extract. The combination of C and B Vitamins plus Magnesium provides a refreshing low calorie drink that gives you a helping hand to rewind. Relax & Rewind has 9 calories per 500ml bottle and is suitable for vegetarians.

Shapers WATERVIT Refresh & Revive is a lightly sparkling, lemon & lime flavoured spring water. This drink is for when your energy is flagging and you’ve lost your sparkle. It’s ingredients contain Vitamins C, B, Ginseng and Caffeine to refresh and revive and keep fatigue at bay. Caffeine can help keep you alert and support your concentration. Each 500ml bottle of Refresh & Revive is sugar free and has 10 calories. Suitable for vegetarians. It does have a high caffeine content with 15.2mg per 100ml of drink. Therefore this one isn’t suitable for those aged under 16 or pregnant women and people sensitive to caffeine.
Shapers WATERVIT Skin Sparkler is a still, low calorie mixed berry (raspberry, strawberry and blackberry) spring water with added Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc. Vitamins C and E are good at protecting skin from free radicals. This blend of Vitamin C helps maintain collagen levels in skin while Selenium and Zinc help maintain the condition of hair and nails. Each 500ml bottle has just 5 calories and is suitable for vegetarians.

You can find this selection and other Shapers drinks in the chiller cabinets in larger branches of Boots.

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  1. I used to drink neuro bliss but it's vanished, I can't find it any where in the UK so I was over excited when I found the boots shapers relax and rewind water. I'm drinking it now, It happens to be very pleasant tasting. I'll buy it again based on taste alone...even if it doesn't relax me.



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