Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Save Calories with an Oil Mister

Whatever type of cooking oil you prefer, be it olive, vegetable or an exotic infusion of blended oils, regular use means you’re likely to be adding a substantial amount of extra calories to your diet. Although recipes often call for several tablespoons or a ‘liberal coating’ of oil, often you can get away with using far less than recommended.

The trouble is, using less oil can be difficult, especially if you need it to cover a large surface area of food. Sprinkling a teaspoon of oil over a tray of ready to roast vegetables, for example, won’t go far. But one way you can extend your cooking oil much further than sprinkling, is by using an oil mister.

With an oil mister, you can carry on using your favourite cooking oil but instead of pouring it straight from the bottle, you decant the oil into the oil mister first. Then each time you cook with oil, just give the oil mister a few pumps and the oil is dispensed as a light spray so you can evenly cover your food or pan. This saves you loads of calories because you can get away with using far less oil that you would just pouring it out.

You can find a good range of oil misters from Amazon, some of which are recommended below.


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