Thursday, 17 November 2011

Quorn 8 Fish-less Fingers

Fish-less fingers from Quorn are made from fish style flavour flakes and potato in crispy breadcrumbs. The Quorn Fish style flakes are made with mycoprotein, a nutritious member of the fungi family which is naturally low in fat (less than 3%) and high in protein and fibre. Each Fish-less Finger has just 66 calories so they can be enjoyed as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Quorn have a great range of food which replicates similar products made with meat or fish. This makes it a good choice for people who have perhaps become vegetarian and are missing some of their favourite foods from their meat eating days. But even those who happily eat meat can enjoy the taste of Quorn products.
Fish-less fingers crispy crumb outer coating is particularly flavoursome and very crunchy while the Quorn inside tastes remarkably like real cod. You cook them in the same way as regular fish fingers, either in the oven or under the grill.

You can find Quorn 8 fish-less fingers in the freezer section of larger supermarkets.

Nutritional information: Per finger: 66 calories, 2.9g protein, 6.3g carbohydrate, 0.3g sugars, 3.0g fat, 0.5g saturates, 0.029g omega-3 fatty acids (EPA + DHA), 1.4g fibre, 0.29g salt.

Other Quorn products on this site can be found here.


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