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Outline of the Special K Personal Diet Plan

The Special K Diet has adapted to the times, and in common with many other diet programmes, has moved lock, stock and barrel onto the Internet. It’s also changed significantly from the original Special K Diet which involved eating a bowl of Special K, a cup of black coffee, a glass of orange juice and half a grapefruit for breakfast. These days, those following the new Special K Diet* don’t need to eat any Special K products at all!

What is the Special K Personal Plan?

The Special K Diet is now called ‘My Special K’ in the UK. This is a new, completely free, online slimming service. When you sign up, you’re provided with tailored meal plans as well as advice and support by expert fitness, fashion and beauty experts.

My Special K is your own personal diet plan which could be for a special event, to help you reach a target weight, or to help with healthy menu ideas so you can maintain your weight.

How Does it Work?

My Special K Personal Plan is devised by the Special K team and is based around dieters own food preferences and lifestyle. You are provided with a tailor made meal plan which includes hundreds of tasty recipes incorporating your own food preferences.

There is also a food diary to help you keep track of what you’re eating and various free tools such as an iPhone app and desktop widget so you can check your plan when you’re at work or out and about. You can also have your weight loss progress displayed on a graph which is helpful to see at a glance how well you’re doing.

There’s a forum where members can offer each other support as well as airing their own trials and tribulations with their weight loss efforts. The forum has a several targeted areas including ‘Slimmers working towards an ideal weight’, ‘Brides-to-be’, ‘Holiday Slimmers’ and ‘Party Slimmers’.

Who is it Suitable for?

The diet is suitable for anyone who is overweight and wants to lose a few pounds, or for those who simply want to maintain their current weight. Also, since it’s totally online, this is a diet for those who are completely happy with using computers. And for those who like to have contact with other slimmers, but not necessarily face to face, the online forums are ideal. Those whose weight is deemed too low by the online calculator, won’t be able to join.

What can you Eat?

Well of course you can eat Special K if you want, but it’s not a requirement. Your food will be tailored to your own weight loss goals and lifestyle needs. However, it will include the type food that you like, but not the unhealthy stuff.

Here’s an example of a daily meal plan:

Breakfast: Beans on toast
Snack: Fresh tangerine and fruit yogurt
Lunch: Easy fish stew
Snack: Date, cream cheese, walnut and Satsuma
Evening Meal: Chickpea curry and rice

If a you don’t like any particular suggested meals, you can easily swap it to another one that’s more appealing and there are hundreds of recipes to choose from. You are given choices for snacks to eat during the day, but otherwise you’re recommended to eat fruit and vegetables between meals. Drinks should be non-alcoholic and water or diluted fruit juice is encouraged.

The Special K Personal Plan is an online weight loss and maintenance diet plan which prospective members can sign up to completely free. Considering it costs nothing to join, it’s an exceptionally useful site offering many features to keep dieters motivated on their weight loss journey.

If you’re interested in the Special K Diet because you love the cereal, then of course you can include it as part of your own personalised plan as well as any of their snack bars.

Read this post to see which Special K products are available in the stores now.

Find out more about the Special K personal plans here: My Special K

* Note: The Special K Personal Plan in the UK not the same as the Special K Diet / Special K Challenge in the US.


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