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Calories in Popular Chocolate Bars

Wouldn't it be great if you could carry on eating chocolate while you’re on a diet? Sadly, real chocolate is never going to be low calorie. The problem that faces dieters when purchasing a chocolate bar, is that many of them have enough calories to be worthy of an entire meal. And eating them on a daily basis as well as your regular meals, can easily result in weight gain.

Still, chocolate is one of the most popular snacks and when eaten in moderation, it can be good for health. As this post discusses, dark chocolate is already known to have health benefits. Even better, University of Cambridge research showed that milk and white chocolate as well as chocolate drinks and chocolate confectionery can be beneficial for health.

So there are good reasons to keep on enjoying chocolate even if you're watching your waistline. By keeping your chocolate snacks to around 100 calories or less, it should be possible to snack on your favourite chocolate every day and still lose pounds.

Weight for weight, most chocolate has roughly the same amount of calories. White chocolate usually has the most, but dark, milk and white chocolate generally contain something between 500 and 550 calories per 100g. However, the calories in chocolate bars can vary widely depending on their fillings or the pack size. For example, some are filled with air bubbles which reduces the calories, while others contain fillings such as nuts or raisins, which add more calories.

To help you figure out how much chocolate you can have for 100 calories, I’ve compiled a list of popular chocolate bars and packs most commonly found in the shops and on the confectionery counters in newsagents. This list stands at 124 to date.

Each chocolate bar or pack shows how many calories it has and how much of each chocolate you can have for around 100 calories. All you have to do is try not to eat the whole bar in one go!

See this post for a quick rundown of chocolate bars in calorie order.

NOTE: This page has now grown so long that it might take a while scrolling down to find what you're looking for. I will be splitting this page so it's easier to read. But in the meantime, if you're searching for a particular chocolate, press CTRL F, and type in the chocolate name. If it's there, you should (hopefully) find the screen scrolls straight to it.

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Calories in Chocolate Bars Listed in Alphabetical Order

Aero Biscuits (Nestle) - 99 calories
Packs of Aero biscuits contain 5 individually wrapped bars. One whole bar is worth 99 calories.

Aero Bubbles Bag (Nestle) - 192 calories
One bag of Aero Bubbles contains 192 calories.  At 16 calories for each bubble, you can eat 6 Aero Bubbles for 96 calories.

Aero Mint Bubbles Bag (Nestle) - 198 calories
Peppermint flavoured milk chocolate with an aerated centre. Each bag of Aero Mint Bubbles has 198 calories. You get 13 bubbles per bag, therefore one Aero Bubble has 15.2 calories. You could eat 6 Aero Mint Bubbles for 91 calories.

6 Aero Bubbles Mint = 91 calories

Aero Orange Bubbly Bar (Nestle) - 221 calories
This limited edition Aero Bubbles Orange bar is a combination of smooth milk chocolate filled with orange flavoured bubbles. Each bar has 10 squares. The whole bar has 221 calories, giving each square just 22 calories.  Eat 4 squares for 88 calories.
4 squares = 88 calories

Aero Bubbles Orange Share Pack (Nestle) 608 calories

Orange flavoured milk chocolate bubbles with an aerated centre. They're available in 113g share packs. With around 38 bubbles per bag, eating the lot provides 608 calories. With 16 calories per bubble, sticking to just 6 Aero bubbles provides 96 calories.

Aero Bubbly Milk & White (Nestle) - 194 calories
Nestle Aero Bubbly 2 in 1 bar is an aerated milk chocolate with a white chocolate bubbly filling. Each bar is divided into 6 sections making each piece worth 32 calories. So you could eat half a bar for just under 100 calories. (This is Polish import so may not be available throughout the UK).

Aero Mint Bubbly Bar (Nestle) - 221 calories
This is a mint variety Bubbly bar like the Orange Bubbly bar. It has 10 pieces of smooth milk chocolate filled with green mint flavoured bubbles, like the Aero Christmas Tree and Aero Lamb. One square is 22 calories, so four pieces is worth 88 calories.

Aero Caramel (Nestle) - 190 calories
Aero Caramel is an aerated milk chocolate with a caramel filling. Each bar is sub-divided into 5 pieces whereby each piece has 38 calories. Eating 2 pieces is worth 76 calories or you could eat 3 pieces for 114 calories.

2 pieces = 76 calories

Aero Chocolate (Nestle) - 232 calories
Smooth, bubbly milk chocolate. Each Aero chocolate bar has 232 calories and is divided into seven pieces. With each piece worth 33 calories, eating three pieces of an Aero chocolate bar provides 99 calories.
3 pieces = 99 calories

Aero Chocolate Lamb (Nestle) - 146 calories
This is an Aero Bubbly bar in the shape of a lamb.
Like the Mint Choc lamb below, the milk chocolate lamb has 146 calories.

Aero Christmas Tree (Nestle) - 146 calories
Milk chocolate with a bubbly mint centre. Aero Christmas Tree may be out just for Christmas so make the most of it. Each Aero Mint Christmas tree chocolate has 146 calories, so you could eat around two thirds for 100 calories.

Two thirds = 100 calories

Aero Mint Lamb (Nestle) - 146 calories
A milk chocolate shaped lamb with a bubbly mint flavoured centre. Each Nestle Lamb has 146 calories. Likely to be around for the months leading up to Easter.

Aero Mint (Nestle) - 233 calories
One 7 piece bar provides 233 calories. Each piece is 33 calories, so eating three pieces is worth 99 calories.

Bliss (Cadbury) - 210 calories
Bliss bars have 6 pieces and 210 calories. At 35 calories per piece, you can eat 3 pieces (half the bar) for 105 calories.

3 pieces = 105 calories

Boost (Cadbury) - 305 calories
A 60.5g Boost bar has 305 calories. Eating one third of this will give you just over 100 calories.

One third = 100 calories

Bounty (Mars) - 268 calories
A 57g Bounty bar has 268 calories and is split into two bars. With each bar having 134 calories, eating three quarters of one bar will provide around 100 calories.

Three quarters of one bar = 100 calories

Bounty Dark (Mars) - 278 calories
Moist tender coconut covered in rich dark chocolate. A dark chocolate Bounty bar has slightly more calories than the milk Bounty at 139 calories per piece. The whole Bounty is 278 calories, so eating three quarters on one piece provides roughly 100 calories.
Three quarters of one bar = 104 calories

Bournville Classic Dark Chocolate (Cadbury) - 225 calories
Cadbury's dark chocolate Bourneville bar has 225 calories for 6 pieces. Therefore you can eat two pieces for 75 calories.

2 pieces = 75 calories

Caramac (Nestle) - 173 calories
Caramac are a slight alternative to chocolate bars. Instead of being a chocolate flavour, they're made with sweetened condensed milk and have a delicious caramel taste but with the same texture as a chocolate bar. Each Caramac is divided into 6 pieces and a whole bar has 173 calories. Each piece has 28.8 calories so you could eat three and a half pieces for 100 calories.
Three and a half pieces = 100 calories

Caramel (Cadbury) - 225 calories
A 6 piece Caramel bar has 225 calories. With each piece worth 37.5 calories, eating 2 pieces will provide 75 calories.

2 pieces = 75 calories

Caramel Bunnies (Cadbury) - 200 calories
Cadbury Caramel Bunnies are out for Easter so make the most of them. One pack holds two Caramel Bunnies with each bunny having a thick Dairy Milk chocolate outside and a liquid caramel filling. The whole pack is worth 200 calories, so one individual bunny has 100 calories.

Caramel Minis (Cadbury) - 55 calories
Cadbury Caramel Minis are the same as regular sized Cadbury Caramel Eggs with a solid milk chocolate outer with a gooey, liquid caramel centre. However, they're around a third of the size and each Caramel Mini Egg has 55 calories. - Read Post

Caramel Nibbles (Cadbury) - 195 calories
Caramel Nibbles are a new product. They're like large Cadbury Buttons with a soft caramel centre. Each bag of Caramel Nibbles contains 195 calories. With 13 Nibbles inside, each one has 15 calories. So eating 6 will provide you with 90 calories.
6 Nibbles = 90 calories

Chocolate Mascots (Cadbury) - 170 calories
Inside each pack are 2 Chocolate Mascots called Wenlock and Mandeville. These are the official mascots for London 2012 - Summer Olympics and Paralympics. The chocolates have a smooth outer layer with a bubbly centre. Wenlock and Mandeville are hard to tell apart in chocolate form and as such, contain the same number of calories which is 85 each.

Wenlock & Mandeville
Each mascot = 85 calories

Chocolate Mascot Lollipop (Cadbury115 calories

This one of the 2012 Olympic mascots called Wenlock. Wenlock is made from Cadbury's milk chocolate and has just 115 calories.

Chocolate Orange (Terry's
- 926 calories
A whole Chocolate Orange has 20 segments and a 926 calories. However eating just one segment will set you back a mere 46 calories.

One segment = 46 calories

Chocolate Orange  Bar (Terry's) - 210 calories
A 6 segment Terry's Chocolate Orange bar has 210 calories. So you can eat 3 segments for 105 calories.

3 segments = 105 calories

Chomp (Cadbury) - 110 calories
Chomp has a soft fudge centre and is covered by a smooth layer of milk chocolate. One small Chomp bar has 110 calories..

One Chomp = 110 calories

Cornetto Chocolate Cone (Unilever) - 110 calories
Vanilla flavoured white chocolate truffle in a wafer cone, chocolate flavoured coating and caramelised hazelnut pieces. Each cone contain 110 calories.

Cote d'Or (Kraft Foods) - 255 calories
This is a milk chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts. It doesn't have any divisions so it's not easy splitting it into pieces. The whole bar has 255 calories so breaking it roughly in half would give you around 127 calories.




Creme Egg (Cadbury) - 185 calories
Creme Eggs are made with Cadbury Dairy Milk and have a white and yellow fondant centre. They're usually around for Easter. Variations include a Screme Egg which is released in time for Halloween. Instead of a yellow centre it's green, but it tastes just the same. The Creme Egg weighs 42g and has around 185 calories. Cutting it in half is a messy business, so eating just 100 calories isn't easy.

Creme Egg Minis (Cadbury) - 50 calories (each)
Creme Egg Minis are tiny versions of the Creme Egg shown above. Each Creme Egg Mini has 50 calories. Eating two of these is an easier way of getting 100 calories worth of a Creme Egg and a lot less messy.

One Creme Egg Mini = 50 calories
Creme Egg Minis & a Creme Egg

Creme Egg Twisted Bar (Cadbury) - 210 calories
Cadbury's Creme Egg Twisted is a just the same as a Creme Egg but in a bar form instead. It's bigger than a Creme Egg so has more calories. Each Twisted bar has 210 calories, however you can break it in half relatively easily for a 105 calorie snack.

Eat half for 105 calories

Crispello (Cadbury)165 calories

Cadbury Crispello is a single chocolate bar divided into three pieces. It's made up of thin crispy shells with a creamy truffle chocolate filling, covered in Cadbury's milk chocolate.  The whole 30g bar has 165 calories making each piece worth 55 calories.

Crunch (Nestle) - 168 calories
Nestle Crunch is a milk chocolate bar with crisped cereals and chocolate inside. The whole 33g bar has 168 calories. So you could eat just under two thirds for around 100 calories.

Just under two thirds = 100 calories

Crunch White (Nestle) - 164 calories

Just like the Crunch above, only this is made with white chocolate and crisped cereals. Each white chocolate Crunch bar has 164 calories, so just over a half is close to 100 calories.

Just over a half = 100 calories

Crunchie (Cadbury) - 185 calories
A 40g Crunchie bar has 185 calories. Eating 55%, just over half a bar, will give you 101 calories.

55% of a crunchie = 101 calories

Crunchie Rocks (Cadbury) - 703 calories
Crunchie Rocks - the perfect combination of Crunchie honeycomb pieces and golden cornflakes tumbled in Cadbury milk chocolate. Each bag of Crunchie Rocks weighs 145g and contains an average of 25 rocks. Eating the entire bag would set you back 703 calories. Each Rock has 28 calories you could eat three rocks for under 100 calories.
Eating 3 rocks = 84 calories

Curlywurly (Cadbury) - 115 calories
A 26g Curlywurly chocolate and toffee bar has 115 calories. For this amount of calories, you may as well eat the whole bar especially since all the chocolate is likely to crumble off when you try and break it up.

One whole Curlywurly = 115 calories

Two thirds = 100 calories
Daim (Kraft Foods) - 155 calories
This thin, chocolate covered crisp toffee bar looks deceptively like it might be low in calories. But each 28g bar is worth 155 calories. Eating two thirds of a Daim bar is 100 calories.

Dairy Milk (Cadbury) - 260 calories
Smooth Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate has 'a glass and a half of of milk in every half pound bar of chocolate.' A 6 piece bar of Dairy Milk has 260 calories. Each piece has 43 calories so you can comfortably eat 2 pieces for 86 calories.

2 pieces = 86 calories

Dairy Milk Bubbly Mini Bar (Cadbury) - 210 calories
Delicious Cadbury's milk chocolate bubbles with an aerated milk chocolate filling. Each bar has 210 calories, so eating around half is close to 100 calories.
Around half a bar = 105 calories

15 Buttons = 97 calories
Dairy Milk Buttons (Cadbury) - 189 calories
Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate in button form. A 36g bag of milk chocolate buttons provides 189 calories. Each button is 6.5 calories, so eating 15 buttons will provide you with 97.5 calories.

Dairy Milk Chocos (Cadbury) - 250 calories
A tube of Chocos contains 11 chunky discs of Dairy Milk chocolate. The whole pack has 250 calories with each Choco worth 22.7 calories (call it 23). So eating 4 Chocos would be 92 calories.

4 Chocos = 92 calories

Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut (Cadbury) - 245 calories
A 6 piece bar of Fruit & Nut has 245 calories. Eating 2 pieces will provide 82 calories.
Cadbury Dairy Milk fruit & nut chocolate new style
New Shape, Same Calories

Cadbury Dairy Milk fruit & nut chocolate old style
2 pieces = 82 calories

Cadbury Dairy Milk fruit & nut chocolate old style

Dairy Milk Giant Buttons (Cadbury) - 210 calories

Cadbury Dairy Milk giant buttons chocolateDairy Milk Giant Buttons are about twice the size of the original Buttons. An average small pack of Giant Buttons contains around 17 Giant Buttons and has 210 calories overall. One Giant Button has just over 12 calories or twice as much as regular sized buttons.You could therefore eat 8 Giant buttons for 99 calories.
Cadbury Dairy Milk giant buttons chocolate

Dairy Milk Little Bars (Cadbury) - 110 calories
Cadbury Dairy Milk little bars chocolate
Dairy Milk Little Bars are a treat sized milk chocolate bar. Often found in packs of 6 but can be bought individually in some shops. Each 20.6g bar has 110 calories.
Cadbury Dairy Milk little bars chocolate
Cadbury Dairy Milk little bars chocolate

Dairy Milk Whole Nut (Cadbury) - 270 calories
Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut chocolate new style
New Shape, Same Calories
Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate with hazelnuts. A 49g bar is divided into 6, so eating 2 pieces will give you 90 calories.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut chocolate new style

Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut chocolate old style
Each piece = 45 calories

Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut chocolate old style
Old Style

Double Decker (Cadbury) - 275 calories
A 60g Double Decker Bar has 275 calories. Eating just under two fifths of a bar will give you 100 calories.
The bit on the left is 100 calories

Drifter (Nestle) - 262 calories
Crispy wafer dipped in chewy caramel and covered in milk chocolate. Each 52g Drifter pack has two fingers which together have 262 calories. Since each finger has 131 calories, eating three quarters of one finger is close to 100 calories.

Three quarters of one finger = 100 calories

Eclairs (Cadbury) - 220 calories
Semi soft caramels with a  Cadbury milk chocolate centre. There are 8 sweets per pack with each eclair worth 27.5 calories. Eat four Eclairs or half the pack for 110 calories.

Inside an eclair
1 eclair = 27.5 calories

Egg 'n' Spoon (Cadbury) - 195 calories
Cadbury Milk chocolate egg with a vanilla flavour mousse like filling. Each egg is 34g and has 195 calories. You can easily eat half by breaking off the top and spooning out the centre and save the rest for later!

Flake (Cadbury) - 170 calories
A regular Flake bar has 170 calories. Eating 60% of a Flake bar with give you 100 calories.

The larger part is 100 calories

Flake Alure (Cadbury) - 170 calories
The crumbliest flakiest milk chocolate half enrobed in rich trufle and milk chocolate. Cadbury's Flake Alure has the same number of calories as the original Flake. So 60% is around 100 calories.
60% = 100 calories

Flake Dipped (Cadbury) - 210 calories
Flake Dipped is a regular Cadbury's Flake but it's covered in a layer of milk chocolate. Each Flake Dipped bar has 210 calories, so you could eat half for 105 calories.

Half a Flake Dipped = 105 calories

Freddo Chocolate and Caramel (Cadbury) - 95 calories
Cadbury Freddo Frogs
Each Freddo has 95 calories
Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate in a frog shape. Freddo bars are the perfect size for a chocolate fix. Both Freddos - milk chocolate and the caramel filled Freddo have just 95 calories.

Freddo Faces (Cadbury) - 135 calories
Cadbury Dairy Milk Mini Freddo Faces. 35g packs contain 10 faces, each worth 13.5 calories. The whole pack has 135 calories.

Cadbury Freddo faces chocolates

Cadbury Freddo faces chocolates
Freddo Faces 13.5 calories each

Fudge (Cadbury) - 115 calories
A whole Fudge = 115 calories
One fudge bar has 115 calories. It's probably easier to eat the whole bar, cutting off 6/7ths will provide 96 calories.

Galaxy (Mars) - 250 calories
A 46g Galaxy bar has 250 calories. Each piece has just under 42 calories so you can eat 2 pieces for 83 calories.
2 pieces = 83 calories

Galaxy 'A Gift for You' (Mars) - 198 calories
 This is a new Galaxy milk chocolate called 'A Gift for You'. It's shaped like a present tied with a bow which can be divided into four parts. Half has a soft caramel filling and half is milk chocolate. The whole 38g chocolate contains 198 calories, so eating half would provide around 100 calories.

Half = 100 calories

Galaxy 'A Gift for You' (Mars) - 205 calories

This is a new arrival for 2012. This Galaxy 'Gift for You' chocolate is just like the Caramel version described above in both looks and size. The main difference is the caramel filling, which in this case has been replaced with a smooth chocolatey truffle. The other two pieces are solid milk chocolate. There's only a slight calorie increase as this bar has 205 calories. Eat half or 2 pieces for just over 100 calories.
Half = 102 calories

Galaxy Bites (Mars) - 197 calories
A 40g bag of Caramel Galaxy Bites provides 197 calories. Each bite is worth 14 calories so you can eat 7 bites for 98 calories.

7 Bites = 98 calories

Galaxy Bubbles (Mars) - 172 calories
Galaxy chocolate with a bubbly, aerated centre and smooth milk chocolate outside. Each 31g bar of Galaxy Bubbles has 172 calories and is divided into 5 sections.  Each piece is just over 34 calories, so eating 3 pieces is worth 103 calories.
3 pieces = 103 calories

Galaxy Bubbles Orange (Mars) - 172 calories
Just like the Galaxy Bubbles bar above, this newest offering from Mars has a smooth orange flavoured milk chocolate outside with a bubbly, orange flavoured centre.
3 pieces = 103 calories

It also has 172 calories with each piece worth 34 calories.

Galaxy Bubbles Egg (Mars) - 158 calories
The Galaxy Bubbles egg is sold in the months leading up to Easter. This 28g egg is made from Galaxy milk chocolate and has an aerated, bubbly centre which can be conveniently separated into two pieces. The whole egg has 158 calories so each half egg is worth 79 calories.
Half an egg = 79 calories

Galaxy Counters (Mars) - 185 calories
Smooth and creamy milk chocolate pieces. They're like Galaxy Minstrels but without the crunchy outer shell. Each 35g bag holds 17 counters and is worth 185 calories. One Counter has just under 11 calories, so you could eat 9 Counters for 99 calories.

Galaxy Flutes (Mars) - 112 calories
Galaxy Flutes are crispy light wafers with a smooth, creamy, chocolatey filling dipped in milk chocolate. One pack (22.5g) contains two Flute bars, with each bar worth 56 calories.
Each Flute bar = 56 calories

Galaxy Minstrels (Mars) - 211 calories
Minstrels are round, chocolate button shaped Galaxy chocolates with a crunchy outside shell. A 42g bag of Minstrels has 211 calories. Each Minstrel is 13 calories so eating 7 Minstrels will give you 91 calories.

7 Minstrels = 91 calories

Galaxy Orange & Shortcake (Mars) - 245 calories
This is a new chocolate in the Galaxy range. Galaxy Orange & Shortcake is a smooth milk chocolate bar with 5% each of shortcake and orange pieces. The whole 45g bar is split into six pieces making each piece worth 40.8 calories (call it 41).

Each piece = 41 calories

Galaxy Ripple (Mars) - 174 calories
A smooth & creamy milk chocolate with a rippled centre. Each Ripple has 174 calories. Eating three fifths (60%) is worth 105 calories.
60% of a Ripple = 105 calories

Galaxy Roasted & Caramelised Hazelnuts (Mars) - 256 calories
Smooth and creamy milk chocolate with roasted and caramelised hazelnuts. Each 45g bar has 256 calories and is divided into 6 pieces. Each piece has 42.6 calories, so you could eat 2 pieces for 85 calories.
2 pieces = 85 calories

Green & Black's Mini Chocolate Bar - 190 calories
Half a bar = 100 calories
Green & Blacks Mini chocolate bars are smaller versions of the regular 100g bars. Each mini chocolate weighs 35g and has an average of 190 calories. With 12 pieces per bar, each square is worth 16 calories. Therefore, you could eat roughly 6 pieces for 100 calories.

Green & Black's chocolate is made with organic and Fairtrade ingredients.

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Chocolate Bar 214 calories
This is a milk chocolate bar mixed with crunchy cookie pieces. Each 40g bar has 214 calories and is divided into 12 pieces. Therefore, one piece of Hershey's Cookies 'n' Chocolate bar has 17.8 calories. Eat 5 pieces for 89 calories.

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Bar 208 calories
Like the Hershey's milk chocolate bar above, but made with white chocolate with cookie bits. This is a 40g bar divided into 12 pieces. Each bar has 214 calories, giving each piece 17.3 calories. Break off 5 pieces for a snack just under 100 calories.

Kinder Bueno Milk Chocolate Bar - 246 calories
Kinder Bueno is a milk chocolate covered wafer with a smooth milky and hazelnut filling. A 43g Kinder Bueno milk chocolate bar contains two wafers, each with four sections.

1 Wafer Bar = 123 calories
 Both wafer bars contain a total of 246 calories, one bar has 123 calories and each section has 31 calories.

Kinder Chocolate Bar (Kinder) - 118 calories
4 pieces = 94 calories
A 21g Kinder bar has 118 calories and consists of 5 pieces. So you can eat 4 pieces for 94 calories.

Kinder Egg (Kinder) - 110 calories
A fine milk chocolate shell with a milky white lining. Each 20g Kinder Egg has around 110 calories.

One Kinder Egg = 110 calories

Kit Kat 2 Finger Bars (Nestle) - 106 - 107 calories
Kit Kat 2 finger bars are only available as a multipack of 7, usually found in supermarkets. However, bars are individually wrapped into 2 fingers so each pack has either 106 or 107 calories. Varieties at the time of writing include:

Kit Kat Dark (106 cals), Kit Kat Milk, Kit Kat Orange, Kit Kat Mint, Kit Kat Caramel, Kit Kat Cookies & Cream which all have 107 calories or approx. 54 calories per finger.

Kit Kat 4 Finger Milk Choc (Nestle) - 233 calories
Two fingers have 116 calories

A 4 finger Kit Kat bar has 233 calories. So you can eat one whole finger and another three quarters for 101 calories. Or just eat two at a time for 116 calories.

Kit Kat 4 Finger White Choc (Nestle) - 236 calories

A 4 finger Kit Kat white chocolate bar is 45g and has 236 calories for all four fingers. Each finger has 59 calories so two fingers gives you 118 calories.
Two fingers have 118 calories

Kit Kat 4 Finger Dark (Nestle) - 243 calories
Four crispy wafer fingers covered with dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids). All four fingers have 243 calories with each finger worth 60.75 calories. So you could eat 1 finger plus two thirds of another for 100 calories.

One and 2/3 of a finger = 100 calories

1 piece = 82 calories
Kit Kat Chunky (Nestle) - 248 calories
A 48g Kit Kat Chunky bar provides 248 calories. With three pieces per bar, one piece is worth 82 calories.

Kit Kat Chunky Caramel (Nestle) - 261 calories
A crisp wafer finger with a caramel creamy topping, covered in milk chocolate. Kit Kat Chunky Caramel Bars are divided into three sections, so eating one piece is worth 87 calories.
1 piece = 87 calories

Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut (Nestle) - 227 calories
A crisp wafer finger with a creamy hazelnut topping, covered with a layer of thick milk chocolate. A whole bar weighs 42g and has 227 calories. Since it's divided into three sections, this gives each part 76 calories.
1 piece = 76 calories

Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter (Nestle) - 260 calories
A crisp wafer finger with a creamed peanut topping, covered with milk chocolate. Chunky Kit Kat Peanut Butter bars weight 48g and have 260 calories each. It's divided into three sections, giving each piece a calorie count of 86.

1 piece = 86 calories

Kit Kat Pop Chocs (Nestle) - 240 calories
New from Nestle, these are miniature bite sized Kit Kats. One bag of Kit Kat Pop Chocs provides 240 calories. Eating 9 of these will give you 108 calories.

9 Pop Chocs = 108 calories

Kit Kat Senses (Nestle) - 165 calories
This new Kit Kat bar with creamy caramel is divided into 5 pieces. The whole bar provides 165 calories, so eating 3 pieces is worth 99 calories.

3 pieces = 99 calories

Lindt Milk (Lindt & Sprungli) - 196 calories
Extra fine and creamy milk chocolate. A small 35g Lindt Milk chocolate bar is divided into 8 squares. Each square has 24.5 calories. So eating 4 pieces or half the bar gives you 98 calories.
4 pieces = 98 calories

Lindt Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny (10g) (Lindt & Sprungli) - 55 calories
These miniature versions of the famous milk chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny weigh just 10g and measure 5cm (2") tall.

Each gold bunny is made from creamy milk chocolate and has a hollow centre.  You can eat a whole bunny for 55 calories.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Bear (10g) (Lindt & Sprungli) - 55 calories
Like the mini Gold Bunny above, these gold Bears are made with Lindt milk chocolate and weigh just 10g. You can eat a whole Christmas Bear for 55 calories.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Bell (20g) (Lindt & Sprungli) - 110 calories
Miniature Lindt milk chocoalte Christmas Bells weigh 20g and have an average of 110 calories each.

Lion Bar (Nestle) - 256 calories
A Lion bar is a wafer filled with caramel and cereals and covered in milk chocolate. Each 52g Lion Bar has 256 calories, so eating two fifths is 102 calories.

The bit on the left is 102 calories

Lion White Bar (Nestle) - 205 calories
Nestle's White Lion Bar is the same as the milk chocolate variety except it's covered in white chocolate.

These bars are a bit smaller at 43g, so has fewer calories - 205 per bar. Break off half and you're close to 100 calories.

Half a bar = 102.5 calories

M&S Bubbly Chocolate Bunny (Marks & Spencer) - 124 calories

A solid milk chocolate bunny with an aerated milk chocolate centre. Each chocolate bunny weighs 23g and is worth 124 calories.

M&S Chocolate Bunny

M&S Santa (Marks & Spencer) - 147 calories

This is a milk chocolate santa from Marks & Spencer with a deliciously, soft honeycomb crunch truffle filling. Each 27g santa has 147 calories. You can split it in half, (with a knife), so each half has 73.5 calories.

M&S Swiss Milk Chocolate Discs - 30 calories (each)

Extra fine chocolate made to Marks & Spencer's own unique recipe using milk, ground hazelnuts and the finest cocoa beans to create a rich, smooth and creamy texture. Swiss Chocolate Milk discs are packed into a 115g tube with around 22 disc. Each disc has 30 calories, so eating 3 provides 90 calories.

M&Ms Choco (Mars) - 216 calories
 Milk chocolate (70%) in a crisp coloured shell. Each 45g bag of M&Ms holds an average of 50 with the entire bag worth 216 calories. A single M&M Choco has approx. 4.4 calories so eating 22 M&M is 99 calories.

22 M&Ms = 99 calories

M&Ms Crispy Shell (Mars) - 177 calories
Mars chocolate pieces inside a crunchy, crisp shell. A 36g bag of M&Ms has 177 calories. Each M&M is worth 5 calories so you can eat 20 of these for 100 calories.

20 M&M's = 100 calories

M&M's Peanut (Mars) - 228 calories
A 45g bag of Peanut M&Ms has 228 calories. Each peanut M&M is worth 12.5 calories so you can eat 8 Peanut M&M's for 100 calories.
8 Peanut M&M's = 100 calories

Magical Elves (Cadbury) - 75 calories
Magical Elves from Cadbury are small, elf shaped bars of Dairy Milk chocolate with tiny pieces of crunchy popping candy. Each Magical Elf has 75 calories and they come with a variety of different names. Pictured here are Elexandrite, Peridot, Topaz and Citrine.
All Magical Elves = 75 calories

Maltesers (Mars) - 187 calories
A 37g bag of Maltesers has 187 calories. Each Malteser is just over 10 calories. So eating 10 Maltesers provides 103 calories.

10 Maltesers = 103 calories

MaltEaster - Milk Chocolate Bunny (Mars) - 157 calories
MaltEaster is a Maltesers a bunny shaped milk chocolate bar. It has a thick outer covering of milk chocolate while the centre contains a creamy, deliciously malty filling mixed with crisp, light honeycomb pieces. Each 29g MaltEaster Milk Chocolate Bunny has 157 calories so eating around two thirds is close to 100 calories.

MaltEaster - Mini Bunnies (Mars) - 62 calories
MaltEaster Mini Bunnies are just like the milk chocolate MaltEaster bunny shown above but in miniature form. They're only two inches (5cm) tall and have just 62 calories each.

Mars Bar (Mars) - 260 calories
 The 58g Mars Bar with its soft nougat and caramel centre, coated with thick milk chocolate has 260 calories. You could eat 39% of this bar for around 100 calories.
The piece on the left = 100 calories

Mars Bar Triple Choc (Mars) - 233 calories
Mars Triple Choc is a Limited Edition Mars Bar.  Like the Mars Bar, it's filled with tasty chocolate nougat and covered in thick milk chocolate. The difference is the chocolate caramel filling instead of plain caramel. Each 52g bar has 233 calories which is less than a regular Mars Bar, but the Triple Choc is slightly smaller. Just under half a Mars Triple Choc bar is worth 100 calories.
Just under half = 100 calories

Milka (Kraft Foods) - 240 calories
Milk chocolate bar made with Alpine milk. Each 45g Milka bar has 240 calories and is divided into 6 sections. With each piece worth 40 calories, you could eat two pieces for 80 calories.

Each piece = 40 calories.

Milka DAIM (Kraft Foods) - 240 calories
Milka Daim is a combination of the Milka chocolate bar with pieces of crunchy DAIM bar inside. Each 240g Milka Daim has 240 calories and 6 pieces. Each piece is exactly 40 calories. This means you could eat 2.5 pieces for 100 calories.
Two and a half pieces = 100 calories

A small Milky Bar = 69 calories
Milky Bar (Nestle) - 137 calories
A 39g Milky Bar has 137 calories. So eating three quarters of this will give you 102 calories. Alternatively, you could buy the small 12g Milky Bar which has only 69 calories.
Three quarters = 100 calories

Milky Way (Mars) - 98 calories single pack
Milk Way is a milk chocolate bar with a light whipped white centre. Milky Way bars can be bought in single or double packs.  With each bar worth 98 calories, buying the double pack means you'll be getting two lots of 98 calorie bars.
1 Milky Way bar = 98 calories

Milky Way Crispy Rolls (Mars) - 128 calories
1 Crispy Roll = 64 calories
Each Milky Way Crispy Rolls pack holds 2 bars. Together they have 128 calories. Eating just one Milky Way Crispy Roll will give you 64 calories.

Milky Way Magic Stars (Mars) - 185 calories
These are star shaped pieces of aerated milk chocolate. With an average of 37 per bag, each Magic Star is worth 5 calories, so you could eat 20 Magic Stars for 100 calories.
20 Stars = 100 calories

Mini Eggs (Cadbury) - 15 calories per egg
Cadbury Mini Eggs have a solid milk chocolate centre surrounded by a crunchy outer shell. They can be bought in various sized packaging. Whichever size you buy, each Mini Egg has 15 calories.

6 Mini Eggs = 90 calories

7 Mini Fingers = 95 calories
Mini Fingers (Cadbury) - 205 calories
A 40g bag of mini fingers is worth 205 calories. With each finger having 13.5 calories, eating 7 fingers provides 95 calories.
7 Fingers = 95 calories

Munchies (Nestle) - 266 calories
A 52g tube of Munchies has 266 calories. Each Munchie has 22 calories so you could eat 4 for 88 calories or 5 for 110 calories.
4 Munchies = 88 calories

My Purple Bar (Nestle) - 208 calories
This Quality Street favourite is milk chocolate filled with hazelnuts and caramel. Each bar has four sections and the whole bar has 208 calories. This means each section is worth  52 calories. So you can eat half the bar for 104 calories.

2 pieces = 104 calories

Picnic (Cadbury) - 230 calories
A 48.4g Picnic Bar has 230 calories. You could eat just under half of a Picnic bar for 100 calories.

Just under half = 100 calories

Revels (Mars) - 168 calories
A 35g bag of Revels has 168 calories. Each bag contains a mixture of raisin, orange, maltesers, minstrels, coffee and toffee fillings. This means each Revel varies in calories. As an average, each Revel has 10 calories so you could eat 10 Revels for 100 calories.

10 Revels - 100 calories

Rolos (Nestle) - 246 calories
A tube of Rolos has 246 calories. Each single Rolo has 25.4 calories so you could eat 4 Rolos for 101 calories.
4 Rolos = 101 calories

Rolo Bar (Nestle) - 509 calories
The popular Rolo bar has been turned into a bar shape. Just like the tube Rolos, the Rolo bar is made with milk chocolate and has a smooth caramel centre (30%).

The entire bar has 10 pieces and 509 calories. With each piece worth 51 calories, you could eat two pieces for 102 calories.

2 pieces = 102 calories

Smarties (Nestle) - 178 calories
A tube of Smarties has 178 calories. Each Smartie has 7 calories, so eating 16 Smarties will provide 100 calories.
16 Smarties = 100 calories

Smarties Bar (Nestle) - 237 calories
Milk chocolate with 23% milk chocolate in a crisp sugar shell. One 45g Smarties bar has 237 calories and is divided into 5 pieces. Each piece has 47.4 calories, so eating 2 pieces will provide a fraction under 95 calories.
2 pieces = 95 calories

Snack Milk Chocolate (Cadbury) - 210 calories
Each Snack bar contain 6 chocolate covered biscuits and has 210 calories. So eating 3 Snack biscuits will provide 105 calories.

3 Snack Biscuits = 105 calories

Snack Shots (Cadbury) - 520 calories per bag

Milk chocolate coated shortcake biscuit balls. Half a bag holds 260 calories. Since there are 38 Snack Shots in each bag, each Snack Shot has just 6.8 calories. So you can eat 15 of these for 102 calories.
15 Snack Shots = 102 calories

Snickers (Mars) - 296 calories
A 58g Snickers bar has 296 calories. Eating just one third of a Snickers bar will give you 98 calories.

One third = 98 calories

Snow Bites (Cadbury) - 480 calories per bag
Out in time for Christmas are Snow Bites from Cadbury. Snow Bites are chocolate balls covered with a crispy white dusted shell. Each 100g pack of Cadbury Snow Bites contains 480 calories. With 25 Snow Bites in a bag, a single Snow Bite has 19.2 calories. This means you could eat 5 Snow Bites for  96 calories.

1 Snow Bite = 19 calories

Star Bar (Cadbury) - 270 calories
A Star Bar is a combination of chewy caramel with peanuts and is covered with milk chocolate. Each 53g bar has 270 calories. So eating two fifths provides just under 110 calories.

40% = 110 calories

Tango Chocolate Orange Demolition Balls - 191 calories
Milk chocolate orange balls with a tangy fizz. Each pack is 35g and holds 14 chocolate orange balls. This gives each ball 13.6 calories, so you could eat 7 Tango Demolition Balls for 95 calories.

Tango Chocolate Orange Demolition Bar - 187 calories
Tango Demolition bars are bubbly milk chocolate orange bars with a 'tangy' fizz.

This chocolate bar has an aerated milk chocolate base which is topped with an orange flavoured truffle, filled with pieces of candy. The whole bar is covered with smooth milk chocolate.

One piece = 37 calories
Each bar has five sections with each piece worth just over 37 calories.

Time Out (Cadbury) - 170 calories
Time Out is like a Kit Kat with a combination of wafer and chocolate. Each Time Out contains two fingers and each finger worth 85 calories.
1 finger = 85 calories

Toblerone (Kraft Foods) - 184 calories (35g)
Swiss Milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat.  A 35g Toblerone bar has 184 calories and is divided into 8 triangles. This means each triangle has 23 calories. Eating 4 pieces will provide you with 92 calories.
4 pieces = 92 calories

Toffee Crisp (Nestle) - 229 calories
A toffee and crisped cereal bar covered in milk chocolate. Each Toffee Crisp bar has 229 calories. Just under a half is close to 100 calories.

Just under half = 100 calories

Topic (Mars) - 232 calories
A Topic bar is a combination of milk chocolate, hazelnuts, soft nougat with a smooth caramel centre.  Each 47g Topic bar contains 232 calories. So eating just under half provides around 100 calories.
Just under half = 100 calories

Turkish Delight (Fry's) - 185 calories
This is a small bar of Turkish Delight wrapped in delicious milk chocolate coating. Each 51g bar has 185 calories. A little over a half is 100 calories.

Twirl (Cadbury) - 230 calories
A Cadbury Twirl has 2 bars and contains 230 calories. Eating 4/5ths of one Twirl bar will provide 92 calories or just eat one bar for 115 calories.

One bar = 115 calories

Twix (Mars) - 286 calories
A shortcake biscuit covered with a layer of caramel and coated with milk chocolate. A Twix packet contains 2 bars. Together they contain 286 calories. With one bar containing 143 calories, you could eat 70% of a bar for 100 calories.

70% of 1 bar = 100 calories

Twix Fino (Mars) - 186 calories

The Twix Fino bar is a lighter version of the Twix. The shortcake biscuit base has been replaced with a crispy wafer but retains the caramel layer and milk chocolate covering.  Each pack contains two bars with one bar worth just 94 calories. 
One bar = 94 calories

White Chocolate Buttons (Cadbury) - 180 calories
A 36g of White Chocolate Buttons from Cadbury has 180 calories according to the information on the front. However, using Cadbury's calorie guide per 100g, a bag of Buttons contains 22 buttons is really worth 201 calories. Each button has 9 calories so you can eat 11 buttons for 99 calories.

11 White Buttons = 99 calories

Wishes (Cadbury) - 165 calories
A magical milk chocolate star available around Christmas. One Wishes star has 165 calories.

Wispa (Cadbury) - 210 calories
A Wispa bar has 210 calories so cut it in half and you'll have 105 calories.

Half a bar = 105 calories

Wispa Gold (Cadbury) - 265 calories
A regular Wispa bar but the inside has a layer of delicious gooey caramel. Each Wispa Gold has 265 calories, so eating a little over a third provides 88 calories.
One third = 88 calories

Yorkie Original (Nestle) - 351 calories
A 64.5g Yorkie Bar has a whopping 351 calories. Each piece is worth 70 calories alone, so stick to eating 1 piece of 1.5 pieces for 105 calories.

1 and a half pieces = 105 calories

Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit (Nestle) - 277 calories
Yorkie chunky milk chocolate with raisins and biscuits. Because it's a bit lighter at 53g, it has fewer calories per piece than the Yorkie Original. Each Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit has 277 calories which is divided into 5 pieces. Therefore, each piece has 55.4 calories so eating two pieces would give you 111 calories.

Two pieces = 111 calories

That's all folks!  Watch this space as I'll keep adding to this list as and when I find new chocolates.

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