Friday, 26 August 2011

Shapers Popcorn - Diet Popcorn

Shapers from Boots have a wide range of snacks, drinks, sandwiches and salads, all carefully calorie counted for the weight conscious amongst us. All Shapers sweet and savoury snacks have 100 calories or less while the drinks have less than 50 calories and the sandwiches and salads are 350 calories or under.

Two new additions to the Shapers range of snacks are Salted popcorn and Maple popcorn. Both bags contain 20g of popcorn and clearly display on the front of the packets, using the traffic light system, how much fat, sugar and salt they contain.

A bag of Maple popcorn has 92 calories and the salted popcorn has 88 calories. Having tried both varieties, I have to say these are fantastic. The light coating of maple flavouring is perfectly sweet and the salt popcorn has just the right amount to give it a savoury taste.

Bags of popcorn such as these are perfect for dieters or anyone wanting a tasty snack that isn’t gone in two bites. They are also a good source of fibre so should help keep hunger away for that bit longer.

Shapers bags of popcorn are available in branches of Boots.

Nutritional Information: Per bag (Maple): 92 calories, 2.3g protein, 12g carbohydrate, 1.5g sugar, 3.5g fat, 0.3g saturates, 2g fibre, trace salt.

Nutritional Information: Per bag (Salted): 88 calories, 2.3g protein, 13g carbohydrate, 0.1g sugar, 2.6g fat, 0.2g saturates, 1.6g fibre, 0.6g salt.


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