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Who Gets to Eat 6,000 Calories A Day?

If you love your food and wish you could eat as much as you like without worrying about the consequences, then you might be jealous of Andy Murray, Britain’s top tennis player. Murray, who says he is on a strict diet, limits himself to a mere 6,000 calories a day, around three times the average person’s needs! Oh the unfairness of it.
Andy Murray
(photo: Mark Howard Photography)

Apparently this is all in a quest to build up his once, shall we say, somewhat ‘weedy’ frame, into a man of muscles. It certainly seems to be working. But obviously he’s not just packing away the food as a form of enjoyment. The food he eats has to provide him with the vital nutrients he needs to achieve optimum physical fitness. And he has to work hard to get it.

As well as all that tennis, he trains in the gym and the athletics track and has gained half a stone in muscle as a result of his regime. At 6ft 3 inches tall he weighs in at 13st 7lb. This gives him a BMI of a healthy 23.6. He also has a body fat percentage of only 6.3 percent.

So what food does he get through in a day?

Breakfast: Two bowls of cereal plus a few bagels with peanut butter.

Lunch: Pasta and chicken with tomato sauce, followed by fruit and yogurt.

Dinner: 50 pieces of sushi.

Snacks: Cereal bars, vanilla protein shakes.

It may not look a lot, but those protein shakes and cereal bars will be packed with calories. Also, it's probably fair to say his portion sizes will be pretty large. While sushi may not seem a high calorie product, if you're eating enough of it, it can be. The fish on the inside will have few calories but the rice on the outside does.

This is a high protein, high carbohydrate diet, plus he’ll be getting plenty of healthy omega-3 oils from his favourite sushi which is also a perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates. Obviously, with the amount of exercise he takes, he needs the ready supply of energy from carbohydrates, plus all that protein for building and repairing those muscles.

It may be a lot of calories but he's burning them off and he’s certainly not eating junk food. After a regime like that, it must be hard going back to regular eating on rest days. If he ever has them.

Source: Daily Mail


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