Friday, 8 July 2011

Iceland 8 Assorted Splits

Iceland might not be the first choice for finding low calories foods, but they do have a few goodies to watch out for. In the freezer section you’ll find lots of tempting ice creams and lollies, most with loads of calories.

Splits, which are a combination of vanilla flavour ice cream with flavoured water ice on the outside are a low calorie option with only 57 or 58 calories each. However, they do contain quite a bit of sugar.

Each box has 8 splits with three different flavours: blackcurrant, orange and strawberry and they’re suitable for vegetarians.

Nutritional Information: Per Strawberry Split: 57 calories, 0.7g protein, 10.1g carbohydrates, 9.0g sugar, 1.5g fat, 1.3g saturates, 0.1g fibre, trace salt.


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