Sunday, 26 June 2011

Volvic Sugar Free Still Mineral Water

Plain old water isn’t to everyone’s taste, which is probably why there are so many different flavoured bottled waters available now. But health conscious individuals and people watching their weight need to be careful because not all flavoured waters are as healthy as they might at first appear. In fact, many are loaded with sugar.

One tasty and diet friendly flavoured bottled water is Volvic’s Sugar Free natural mineral water. It’s available in two flavours: ‘Touch of Strawberry’ and ‘Touch of Lemon & Lime’, and in two sizes: 50cl and 1.5 litres.

As a warning, if you’re looking for Volvic ‘Touch of’ flavoured waters, be aware they are also available in the same flavours but with sugar as the sweetener. These contain nearly 20 calories per 100ml compared with 1.4 calories for the sugar free version. So a 50cl bottle of sugar free has 8 calories whereas the same sized bottle of the sugared variety clocks up just under 100 calories.

They’re widely available in many outlets which sell flavoured bottled waters.

Nutritional Information: Per 100ml: 1.4 calories, 0g protein, trace carbohydrates, trace sugar, 0g fat, 0g saturates, 0g fibre, 0g salt.


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