Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Del Monte Duo - Raspberry or Mango Iced Smoothies

Frozen ice lollies are all the rage these days and barely a week goes by without a new variety appearing on the supermarket shelves. A fairly recent addition in Tesco’s freezer section are Del Monte’s Duo frozen iced smoothies. They’re available in two flavours: Raspberry or Mango and each one has only 43 and 45 calories respectively. They are also a low fat product.

Del Monte Duo is shaped like a small choc ice which has a frozen yogurt centre with iced smoothie around the outside. They’re exceptionally creamy and very tasty, although a little on the small side. But for a mere 45 calories or less, they go a long way to satisfying a craving for something sweet and refreshing.

Each box holds four individually wrapped Duo bars and they’re found in the freezer section of Tesco at the time of writing.

Nutritional Information: Per Bar (Raspberry): 43 calories, 0.8g protein, 8.5g carbohydrates, 7.4g sugar, 0.6g fat, 0.5g saturates, 0.4g fibre, trace sodium. Suitable for vegetarians.


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