Monday, 6 June 2011

Biscuits Still a Favourite Treat

A recent report by market analysts Mintel, found that sales of biscuits have increased by 22 percent over the past five years. This seems to be in line with the country’s economic downturn.

According to Mintel’s senior food and drink analyst, Amy Lloyd, “The UK biscuit industry has benefited from consumers reaching for the biscuit barrel throughout the recession. The ritualistic nature of eating biscuits with a hot drink appeals to consumers, demonstrating how ingrained this occasion is within British culture but emphasising the need for the biscuit category to expand beyond the tea-drinking audience.”

Although chocolate digestives, chocolate chip cookies, custard creams and Bourbons are favourites, it is interesting to note that sales of lower fat and lower sugar varieties are increasing in popularity. In fact, a quarter of all biscuit sales were within this sector. This could be an indication that those who are trying to follow a healthier diet, still like to have a biscuit as a treat and see the lower sugar and fat biscuits as a viable option.

These days there are plenty of lower calorie biscuits on the supermarket shelves, many of which are under 30 calories each. So even when you’re watching your weight, it’s perfectly possible to treat yourself to a few biscuits. As long as you avoid the large American style cookies, shortbread and those filled with cream or covered in chocolate, there are still many types of biscuit which can easily be incorporated into your daily diet. Just don’t eat them all at once!




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