Thursday, 5 May 2011

Princes Canned Fruit in Juice

Fruit should be included as part of a healthy and well balanced diet. But many people assume this means only fresh fruit. However, canned fruit, such as these cans from Princes, including Peaches, Pears and Fruit Cocktail, are just as healthy as long as you buy fruit in juice and not syrup. Syrup is almost liquid sugar, and since fruit already contains natural sugars, why add more? Fruit in juice therefore contains far fewer calories than fruit canned in syrup.

Canned fruit is also handy to keep for those times when you’ve run out of fresh fruit. Plus it can work out less expensive than buying fresh fruit as you don’t need to worry about it going off (well not for months or even years), so there’s less waste.

Princes canned fruit in juice are available in most supermarkets.

Nutritional Information: Per 100g (Princes Peach Slices in grape juice): 49 calories (less if you drain the juice), 0.5g protein, 11.8g carbohydrates, 11.8g sugars, trace fat, 0.8g fibre, trace sodium.


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