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Outline of the Weight Watchers ProPoints Diet

What Sort of Diet is it?

The Weight Watchers diet is based on a unique points system which completely does away with calorie counting. The original Points system was developed in 1997 and has been incredibly successful. However, a new Points system called ProPoints was launched in November 2007.

The diet provides a comprehensive weight management programme which helps dieters choose food that will help them lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.

There is plenty of external support in the form of Weight Watchers group support meetings, counselling, a helpful online presence and a Weight Watchers monthly magazine.

How Does it Work?

The Weight Watchers ProPoints system allocates a certain number of points to all foods instead of calories. Weight Watchers members are given an individually tailored ProPoints budget, with a daily and weekly allowance. For example, a daily allowance of 29 ProPoints plus an additional weekly allowance of 49 Points. These extra points can be used however the dieter wants, but they’re particularly useful for special occasions, such as eating out or just as a treat.

To help dieters keep on track, Weight Watchers have introduced a new ProPoints calculator which keeps track of daily and weekly Points and even calculates Points in pre-packaged food. Following the plan, dieters should expect to lose weight at a healthy rate of around 2lbs a week.

The diet works on many levels. As well as encouraging dieters to eat more healthy foods, its new Points system works on the basis that different types of food use up varying amounts of energy to digest. Research has found that certain foods such as proteins and whole grains, take longer and require more energy to process than simple carbohydrates such as biscuits. For example, you might have a slice of wholemeal bread and a biscuit each containing 80 calories. However, the bread burns off more calories during digestion than the biscuit does. Therefore, the bread would have a lower Points value.

What Can You Eat?

The Weight Watchers diet is very easy to stick to because nothing is banned. What’s so good about the new ProPoints system is that fruit and most vegetables have a zero points value, meaning you can eat as much of them as you like. This is especially helpful for times when hunger strikes but you’re running out of points for the day. It’s a great way of encouraging healthy eating. Because Weight Watchers is so popular, there are a whole range of Weight Watchers branded products for sale in supermarkets, many of which can be found on this site. These include yogurts, desserts, ready meals, and snacks.

Is It Healthy?

The Weight Watchers Diet is undoubtedly one of the most healthy diets out there. It focuses on encouraging dieters to eat more healthy foods because they have a low Points value, but doesn’t rule out anything, which so many other diets do. Because dieters are being taught healthy habits, including shopping for food, making low fat and low calorie recipes and exercising, these eventually become lifestyle changes which the dieter is encouraged to make permanent. This is particularly useful for long term weight maintenance.

For those who are serious about changing their eating habits, losing their excess weight at a slow and steady rate and need extra support to help them stay on track, the Weight Watchers diet is one of the best.

For lots more information on the diet as well as tips and recipes, visit the Weight Watchers website.


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