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Outline of the Slimming World Diet

What Sort of Diet is it?

The Slimming World diet has been around since 1969 when it was founded by Margaret Miles-Bramwell. Like Weight Watchers, dieters can join a group, of which there are currently around 5,500 throughout the UK. Prospective members pay a one-off fee then each time they attend weekly classes, they contribute another smaller fee. Currently this costs £4.15 a week when buying a 12 week Countdown course.

All classes are led by trained Slimming World Consultants. These are all successful dieters who have first hand experience of how the Slimming World plan works and how best to help their members succeed. Alternatively, dieters can join online. This is a highly flexible diet which can easily be incorporated into everyday life.

How Does it Work?

The diets works by using a food optimising programme where dieters are encouraged to make sensible food choices which promote healthy weight loss. Instead of a calorie counting, dieters are given a daily Syn allowance of around 10 Syns, though this varies depending upon dieters current weight, target weight and  activity levels.

The food optimising programme consists of the Green plan, the Original (Red) plan or Extra Easy. The Green plan is for vegetarians and those who like carbohydrates, while the those on the Original plan can eat unlimited protein such as meat or poultry while being allowed measured amounts of carbohydrates. The Extra Easy plan offers more flexibility and is a combination of the Green and Original plan.

There is also a bi-monthly magazine which is packed full of slimmers’ experiences and fabulous recipes. This is available in newsagents and supermarkets for the general public. However, recipes are given Syn values and not calories, making it difficult for those who are counting calories and not following the Slimming World plan to work out the calorie value of their food. However, all recipes are healthy, easy to cook and delicious.

What Can You Eat?

Dieters can eat anything they like on this plan as no food is banned. Because there is no calorie counting or weighing of food involved, dieters are guided towards foods which keep them feeling satiated and this is helped by the large list of ‘free foods’ which means dieters should never go hungry. Some of the free foods include: lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, pasta, potatoes, rice, fruit and vegetables. Some examples of Syn counts are: 1 chocolate finger - 1.5 Syns, 35ml of any spirit - 4 Syns, 1 McVitie's Penguin - 5.5 Syns, 1 tablespoon reduced-fat salad cream - 1 Syn.

A typical days Green menu might go something like this:

Breakfast: Baked beans on 2 slices of wholemeal toast, topped with 1.5oz reduced-fat grated Cheddar cheese.

Lunch: Quorn lamb style grills, roasted potatoes, carrots, broccoli, gravy. Grapes and 2 mini Babybel Light cheeses.

Dinner: Vegetable biryani followed by fresh tropical fruit salad.

Is It Healthy?

Slimming World’s diet is exceptionally healthy. In fact, this is a diet that can be followed for life. It fits in well with family lifestyles and no special products have to be purchased. It’s easy to maintain and dieters never need go hungry.

One of the reasons the Slimming World diet is so popular is because it’s easily accessible to the majority of people. There is no calorie counting and it doesn’t restrict whole food groups which can make other diets unhealthy and difficult to stick to. And dieters who join a Slimming World group have the added support from their group leader along with the encouragement of their fellow dieters.
Even if you’re not following the Slimming World plan, their recipe books are full of inspirational meals that everyone can enjoy whether or not they’re on a diet.

Slimming World Food Optimizing
Best ever recipes: 40 years of Food Optimising
Slimming World 30-Minute Meals
Slimming World Free Foods: Guilt-free food whenever you're hungry
Slimming World Fast Food

For more information visit the Slimming World website.

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  1. I love Slimming World because it steers you towards healthy eating but you don't really have to 'count' or weigh much so you don't feel deprived by only having the small portions in the way you can when calorie or point counting. The 'syns' allowance is flexible so you can enjoy treats and eat extra on special occasions such as nights out. I joined 3 months ago and have so far lost over 21 lbs (1 1/2 stone) and I haven't felt hungry because there's also no restriction on eating between meals as long as you stick to 'free'foods. It does take a little while to get your head around the different options, but once you do you don't really have to think about it much. I've also found my weekly group very friendly and supportive. I've lost weigh before with Weightwatchers but got obsessed with counting points and with SW I don't think nearly as much about food.

  2. I find that, after being on slimming world for 5 weeks, i am constantly thinking about food and it's making me so anxious, expecially on weigh day. one lady who covered our regular consultant was so patronising because my husband had gained. I am now obsessing over what i eat, to the extreme of only eating free food constantly. even eating some of the free food that isn't speed food is making me feel guilt. I get so anxious about gaining (even though i have lost every week for the last 5 totalling 17lbs) but i think it's because im only eating the stuff thats not bad for me..... I just feel that mentally, having the 'syns' (I'm allowed 25 due to my weight) is really bad and i am terrified that if i gain, i will get the treatment that my husband got when he gained, when they're talking to you like you're stupid. I know some people need to be drip fed on how to eat healthy but this is really messing up my relationship with food, so much so that i am litterally eating an orange or a kiwi for my brunch at work, eating an sp meal in the evening and cycling everywhere because i am worried that i will gain and be a dissapointment to the group....

    1. Hi,
      I'm so sorry you are feeling like this. I would suggest that this type of 'diet' isn't the right way for you. It was very unfortunate your husband had such a bad experience with the replacement consultant as that can't have been helpful at all. We all just have to find a way of losing weight that works for us, and for you, this doesn't seem the right way to go. And really don't bother with the weighing scales as they can be very deceptive. Try using a tape measure instead of the scales as this is a very helpful way of showing fat loss.

      All the best xx



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