Friday, 13 May 2011

Body Fat Monitors - A Must Have Tool For Dieters

Body fat monitors or body composition analysers as they’re often called, can be a dieter’s greatest ally. Forget about ordinary weighing scales. They simply can’t give you the kind of helpful information that a body fat monitor can.

For example, ordinary scales can provide your weight in pounds or kilos and that’s all. This is useful to a point. However, a body composition monitor can reveal many more measurements which can help in your weight loss programme.

One important piece of information an ordinary scale won't tell you, is how much fat you have. A body fat monitor can measure your fat to provide you with your body fat ratio and let you know whether it's in a healthy range or not. It will also measure your viseral fat. This is the unseen, potentially dangerous fat which builds up around your internal organs and heart.

Body composition monitors reveal more information including your muscle mass, which is particularly useful if you’re following an exercise programme and want to keep a check on your muscle development. And importantly for dieters, you can find out your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This is basically how many calories you use up while you’re resting and can be used to work out how many calories you’re burning off each day.

There are a good many types of body fat monitors available for home use. However, some of the most reliable brands are those made by Tanita and Omron, a few of which are shown here.The prices can be quite high for some, but those shown here are around £40-£50 and provide all the information necessary for the majority of people.

Tanita BC575 Black Glass Body Composition Monitor Scale

Tanita BC532 Body Composition Glass Bathroom Scales

Tanita BC570 Glass Body Composition Monitor Scale


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