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The Baby Food Diet

What Sort of Diet is it?

This is another fad diet which seems to have caught the attention of several celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl Cole. It was created by celebrity personal fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson, as an alternative to the liquid cleanse diet. With the baby food diet, followers get to eat pureed foods rather than just sipping on liquids all day.

How Does it Work?

Considering a small jar of baby food has an average of 50-100 calories, the baby food diet works based on the principle that you’ll be consuming far fewer calories by existing on these tiny jars during the day. And eating jars of baby food means all your portion sizes are controlled as well. You get to choose baby foods from the sweet and savoury range, however, you would have to choose 'first stage' pureed baby foods rather than those for older babies, which have lumps left in. Having all your food liquefied before eating gives your digestive system less work and liquids are filling, though admittedly, tiny jars of baby food probably won't really fill you up.

What Can You Eat?

One version of the diet allows you to eat 14 servings of baby food during the day (approx 700 calories), then enjoy a regular, healthy adult meal in the evening. This includes something along the lines of grilled chicken or fish and steamed vegetables. Alternatively, you can choose to exist completely on baby food jars. You can eat the baby food at regular intervals during the day which should help to stave off hunger pangs. And because baby food is prepared under strict guidelines, you won't need to worry about consuming too much sugar, salt or fat.

This diet could work well to help you lose weight. However, portions are quite small and baby food is probably not going to be to every adult’s taste. It’s really a short cut to chopping and blending your own food, a sort of baby food takeaway. You're likely to find that after a few days of eating baby food, it all becomes rather bland, especially if you like spicy food.

People who follow liquid diets can start to crave something to chew or crunch on, so it’s unlikely this diet could be followed for long. It’s also pretty difficult to go out anywhere to eat, unless you’re quite happy ordering a portion of baby food for your meal!

Examples of Calories in Jars and Pots of Baby Food

Cow & Gate Fruity Muesli stage 1 (125g jar): 83 calories
Hipp Organic Creamy Rice Breakfast (125g jar): 98 calories
Ella’s Kitchen Pears, Apple & Baby Rice Stage 1: 66 calories per pack

Lunches and dinners:

Cow & Gate Orchard Chicken Stage 1 (125g jar): 88 calories
Cow & Gate Sweet Potato Bake Stage 1 (125g jar):  83 calories
Cow & Gate Lancashire Hot Pot stage 1 (125g jar): 72 calories
Cow & Gate Sunday Lunch stage 1 (125g jar): 86 calories
Ella’s Kitchen Sweetcorn, Pumpkin & Peas, stage 1 Organic (120g jar): 83 calories
Heinz Herby Pasta Bolognese Stage 1 (120g jar): 70 calories

Heinz Fruit Custard Banana (100g pot):  82 calories
Cow & Gate Fruit Cocktail (100g pot): 57
Hipp Organic Fruit Pot Apple, Peach & Mango (100g pot): 49 calories
Organix Apple & Blueberry Compote (100g pot):  54 calories

Why not save money on purchasing baby food jars and make your own tasty purees instead? To help you get the portions right, these Tommee Tippee Food Storage Potsare just the right size. They're freezable too.


Note: Stage 1 is for babies being weaned so food is completely pureed with no lumps as recommended for the Baby Food Diet.


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