Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Don't Diet On Nuts To Lose Weight

We all know that nuts are good for us (those who aren't allergic of course!), and many diets recommend including them as part of a healthy diet. However, all too often dieters mistakenly substitute a few too many nuts in place of other high fat or high calorie foods. But, what many people don't realise is how calorific nuts actually are. And the same goes for dried fruit which is packed with sugar.

Each of those raisins is really a dried grape and every prune is a whole dried plum. But when they're in dried form it's so easy to keep nibbling away without realising just how many calories, and how much fat and sugar you're consuming.

Researched published on January 4th, 2011, by website SupermarketOwnBrandGuide, found that dieters snacking on nuts, seeds or dried fruit could be putting on weight rather than losing it. So if you're struggling to shift the pounds, maybe it's down to a few too many nuts!

For the record, a handful of raisins contains around 69g of sugar and 100g of Brazil nuts has 16.4g of fat


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