Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Can Eating Blueberries Help You Lose Weight?

Blueberries are already cited as a ‘superfruit’ and are one of the most healthy and nutritious fruits we can eat. They're rich in vitamin C, high in fibre and are full of antioxidants. These are chemicals which can help reduce the risks of certain illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

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But it could be that the humble blueberry has another bow to its string. According to research undertaken by Shiwani Moghe, MS, a graduate student at Texas Woman's University (TWU), blueberries may prove to be a powerful weapon against obesity.

Blueberries contain high levels of chemicals called ‘polyphenols’ which can inhibit the development of new fat cells as well as breaking down existing fat. Researchers performed studies on tissue cultures taken from mice. They discovered that those given the highest doses of blueberry polyphenols yielded a 73 percent decrease in fats, while those given the lowest dose only reduced by 27 percent.

This could be a fantastic way of fighting the obesity epidemic. However, there's still a way to go since it still has to be tested on humans. But in the meantime, why not get snacking on blueberries? Even if it doesn’t result in a dramatic weight loss, you'll still gain from all the health benefits provided by this tiny fruit.

If you're not keen on eating raw blueberries, you might like this delightful little cookbook Very Blueberry which has all sorts of ways of incorporating blueberries into delicious and tasty recipes.


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