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Best Foods To Help You Lose Weight

For many people, going on a diet signals deprivation and feeling hungry all the time. But that’s only if you’re following an extreme weight loss diet. This type of diet may work in the short term, but it’s virtually impossible to stick to. Unless you eat food that’s going to satisfy you, keeping you full for longer while providing you with maximum nutrients, you’re more likely to succumb to hunger pangs and break your diet. However, if you include the following foods in your diet, you’ll find it much easier sticking to your diet and feel healthier while you’re losing weight.

1. White Fish

We should aim to eat at least two portions of fish each week. But white fish is even more helpful for the dieter. As well as being very low in calories, it’s also exceptionally high in protein. This is good because protein is filling, so you’ll be fuller for longer. As an example, 80g of cod has only 89 calories and 0.7g of fat but 19.4g of protein. As long as you grill, steam or bake it, it’ll stay low calorie.

2. Berries

We’re urged to eat plenty of fruit when on a diet. However, stuffing yourself with bananas and mangoes won’t help you lose weight. Sure, they taste great because they’re so sweet, but some fruits are loaded with natural sugar. Instead, choose berries.

This includes raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. They’re all really low in calories, have a good fibre content and are full of antioxidants. And they taste great blended into a yogurt smoothie.

 3. High Fibre Foods

Fibre is one of the best ways of filling yourself up while you’re on a diet. When you eat foods rich in fibre, it absorbs more water, causing it to swell inside you, thereby making you feel full.

Best high fibre foods include wholemeal and stone ground bread, wholewheat cereals, especially All Bran, Bran Flakes, in fact, anything with ‘bran’ in its name should have plenty of fibre. And vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, carrots, leeks and cabbage.

By including lots of these foods in your diet, you’ll find it easier to lose weight and you won’t be left feeling hungry. And when you’ve lost the weight, keep on eating them as often as possible so you can continue to reap all the health benefits while at the same time you’ll be less likely to regain any weight lost.


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