Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Cabbage Soup Diet - Outline

The cabbage soup diet has been around in one form or another for years. People get excited when starting out on this diet because of the fact you can ‘eat as much as you like’.

But, like a kid let loose in an ice cream factory, there’s only so much you can take before you never want to eat it again.

How Does it Work?

You follow the diet for 7 days and eat as much cabbage soup as you like. You can eat other foods also, but it is severely limited. You should quickly lose weight but most of the initial weight loss is actually water. It's quite high in fibre so you shouldn’t have a problem with constipation.

What Do You Eat?

Eat as much cabbage soup as you can muster for seven days only. There are variations on what goes into the soup, but one example includes a variety of low calorie vegetables, predominantly cabbage, canned tomatoes, onions and vegetable stock. You can spice it up with curry powder and of course vary it each day to stave off boredom.

Other foods allowed include any fruit except bananas until day 4 and unlimited vegetables (if you can face them). Towards the end of the diet you can include beef, some brown rice and unsweetened fruit juice.

Side Effects?

It’s not difficult to work out the side effects. Needless to say, do not venture far from a toilet. It would probably also be advisable to follow this diet whilst living in solitary confinement as excess gas can be a problem.

Is It Worth It?

Most people seem to try this diet at some stage, often it’s one of the first diets they ever choose. It does offer quick weight loss but it’s not nutritionally balanced and you are likely to experience strong cravings for food which isn’t allowed. This can easily lead to weight gain once you’re off the diet.

If you fancy trying out the diet, the following cabbage soup diet book will inspire you to stay on track.


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