Saturday, 12 February 2011

Use a Pedometer And Get Walking

It's been said that if we walk 10,000 steps every day, none of us would get fat. Well, that is unless you find a way to combine eating with walking, which many people probably do already. However, monitoring how many steps you take can significantly help speed up your weight loss by encouraging you to take those extra steps needed to reach the magic 10,000.

There are all sorts of pedometers on the market nowadays, from the basic step counting gadgets which are suitable for beginners to those which offer more in the way of functionality such as tracking your progress over time.

Recommended Pedometers

Silva Ex Plus Green/White
Silva EX Plus: This is a lightweight pedometer (32g) and measures number of steps taken as well as distance travelled, time taken and calories burned. It’s easy to set up and accurate. Compatible with Silva connect website.

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Omron Walking Style X

Omron Walking Style X: Another good pedometer from Omron. This one has a function which measures your physical activity level enabling it to provide a more accurate record of calories burned. It also has a weekly memory and comes with a slip on strap and belt clip. A versatile pedometer which works in front pockets or in a purse.
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HoMedics MiBody 360

HoMedics MiBody 360: If you’re a fitness fanatic you might like this one. HoMedics MiBody 360 can really benefit anyone trying to lose weight while monitoring their health status. Its Health Tracking System enables you to keep track of your progress on your computer by linking to the MiBody 360 Health Tracking software. It counts steps, both running or walking, as well as measuring distance and calculating calories and you can wear it in a pocket, around your neck or pop into a bag.
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