Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Irish Yogurts Diet Fat Free Probiotic Yogurt

New pack for 2013
You may not have heard of Irish Yogurts if you live in Great Britain because they don't appear to advertise. But these diet yogurts are a real treat and you'd never think they were a 'diet' yogurt at all.

They are sold as a 4-pack containing the flavours 'Apricot & Nectarine', 'Pear & Mango', 'Strawberry', and 'Fruits of the Forest'.

Each pot is full of lovely pieces of fruit and the yogurt has an exceptionally creamy texture. And to top it all, these yogurts are among some of the lowest in calories content of all diet yogurts with only 67 calories for each 125g pot.

Irish Yogurts are traditionally made in the churn which is apparently what gives them such a creamy texture. Further benefits are: No added sugar, fat free, probiotic cultures, gluten free, GM free.

Nutritional Information: Per pot: 67 calories, 5.75g protein, 11.38g carbohydrate, 0.13g fat.

Irish Yogurts - Diet


  1. I bought these in Tesco a couple of days ago to try as my usual brand (Activia) had gone up a lot in price and these were only £1 for four pots. I was a bit put off by the 'diet' label, but I agree, they're delicious and creamy. A very pleasant surprise!

  2. Glad you were tempted to try them Cathy. Some 'diet' yogurts are very thin and watery or artificial tasting, but these are as good as full fat yogurts!

  3. wish they would make diet berries or fruits of the forest diets prebiotic yoghurts

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