Saturday, 12 February 2011

Easiest Way To Lose Weight

It's hard to find anyone who enjoys dieting. After all, to most people, the word diet equals deprivation. But a study in the US found that simply making two small changes to the daily routine could effortlessly shed the pounds without any hardship.

Those who were taking part were asked to walk an extra 500 steps each day and to eat only 100 calories less. This could be done by serving themselves 2-3 fewer spoonfuls of food, swapping grilling for frying or drinking a sugar-free drink.

The results were amazing. This diet was so successful that people found they walked three times further and cut down on three times more calories. And the weight loss? Around one pound every 10 days. So without noticing, it is possible to shed 3 lbs every month without feeling like you're on a diet.


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