Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Baked Potato Crisps, Count On Us

These crisps are from the Count On Us range of low fat and diet products from Marks & Spencer. The two packets pictured here are 'Lightly Salted' and 'Sour Cream & Chive' flavours.

These crisps are low in fat and have only 85-90 calories per packet. Although they do have a nice flavour, they taste quite dry, probably due to the lack of fat. But they make a handy calorie counted snack for those who like to crunch on crisps.

Nutritional Information: Per Sour Cream & Chive packet: - 90 calories, 18.3g carbohydrates, 1.9g protein,2.8g fat, 2.0g fibre, 0.33g salt.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Irish Yogurts Diet Fat Free Probiotic Yogurt

New pack for 2013
You may not have heard of Irish Yogurts if you live in Great Britain because they don't appear to advertise. But these diet yogurts are a real treat and you'd never think they were a 'diet' yogurt at all.

They are sold as a 4-pack containing the flavours 'Apricot & Nectarine', 'Pear & Mango', 'Strawberry', and 'Fruits of the Forest'.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Use a Pedometer And Get Walking

It's been said that if we walk 10,000 steps every day, none of us would get fat. Well, that is unless you find a way to combine eating with walking, which many people probably do already. However, monitoring how many steps you take can significantly help speed up your weight loss by encouraging you to take those extra steps needed to reach the magic 10,000.

There are all sorts of pedometers on the market nowadays, from the basic step counting gadgets which are suitable for beginners to those which offer more in the way of functionality such as tracking your progress over time.

Recommended Pedometers

Silva Ex Plus Green/White
Silva EX Plus: This is a lightweight pedometer (32g) and measures number of steps taken as well as distance travelled, time taken and calories burned. It’s easy to set up and accurate. Compatible with Silva connect website.

BUY here

Omron Walking Style X

Omron Walking Style X: Another good pedometer from Omron. This one has a function which measures your physical activity level enabling it to provide a more accurate record of calories burned. It also has a weekly memory and comes with a slip on strap and belt clip. A versatile pedometer which works in front pockets or in a purse.
BUY here

HoMedics MiBody 360

HoMedics MiBody 360: If you’re a fitness fanatic you might like this one. HoMedics MiBody 360 can really benefit anyone trying to lose weight while monitoring their health status. Its Health Tracking System enables you to keep track of your progress on your computer by linking to the MiBody 360 Health Tracking software. It counts steps, both running or walking, as well as measuring distance and calculating calories and you can wear it in a pocket, around your neck or pop into a bag.
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Easiest Way To Lose Weight

It's hard to find anyone who enjoys dieting. After all, to most people, the word diet equals deprivation. But a study in the US found that simply making two small changes to the daily routine could effortlessly shed the pounds without any hardship.

Those who were taking part were asked to walk an extra 500 steps each day and to eat only 100 calories less. This could be done by serving themselves 2-3 fewer spoonfuls of food, swapping grilling for frying or drinking a sugar-free drink.

The results were amazing. This diet was so successful that people found they walked three times further and cut down on three times more calories. And the weight loss? Around one pound every 10 days. So without noticing, it is possible to shed 3 lbs every month without feeling like you're on a diet.

Giving Up Sugar? How To Lose Sugar Cravings

Sugar shakerIf you've made the decision to start cutting down on sugar, then congratulations. Whatever your reasons, cutting down on the amount of sugar you eat can greatly reduce your risks of all sort of illnesses, including diabetes type II, heart disease and of course weight gain.

However, giving up sugar isn't easy. Not only is sugar highly addictive, it's found in an enormous range of foods we commonly buy, even those we think are healthy.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Does Bribing Dieters To Lose Weight Work?

MoneyIn 2009 the idea was raised that one way of persuading the more obese members of society into parting with their excess poundage, would be to offer cash as an incentive. The scheme was controversial to say the least.

The idea was heavily criticised by obesity experts warning it was 'dangerous'. However, it does seem to be working. The NHS is already trialling projects around the country by rewarding patients with cash. As an example, Eastern and Coastal Kent NHS Trust rewards a maximum of £3,000 to patients losing ten stone.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

British Women Win... Dubious Honour of Being the Fattest

It's probably not something the country wishes to publicise. Yet this is a problem too large to hide. Yes, it finally happened. British women top the league tables in Western Europe when it comes to 'who's the largest of them all.' Men, however, only come in at number four with Spain, Ireland and Andorra placed higher.

The findings which were published in The Lancet medical journal are the result of three global studies into BMI, cholesterol and blood pressure over the past 28 years. Read more on this study here. Or you can purchase the original article from the Lancet here.

Boom in Herbal Tea Drinking

According to Whittards of Chelsea, sales of herbal teas have increased by 60 percent over the past year. They believe the massive increase is partly due to celebrity influences with Jennifer Aniston and Geri Halliwell apparently enjoying it.

The most popular herbal teas last year (2010) were fruit and berry flavours, although the trend now seems to be for those promoting medicinal qualities. More on this information can be found here.

Tuna Steak in Spring Water

Canned tuna is a healthy store cupboard standby. But if you're buying tuna, make sure you only buy tuna canned in water, not brine as it's too salty, and definitely not oil.

As a comparison, 100g of drained tuna in water has 113 calories and 0.5g of fat, whereas the same amount of tuna in oil has 189 calories and 9g of fat. Who needs the extra calories or fat?

Most main supermarkets stock their own brand of tuna in spring water as well as well known manufacturers including John West and Princes. And nutrition wise, they're all quite similar.The nutritional information below is for Sainsbury's Tuna in Spring Water.

Nutritional information: Per 100g drained: 113 calories, 27g protein, 0.5g fat, 0.75g salt.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Splenda - Low Calorie Sugar Alternative

Splenda is an alternative to sugar which manages to make you feel a bit better, healthwise, about using it. Rather than using ingredients such as aspartame or saccharine which have had some negative press, Splenda sells itself as being 'made from sugar, tastes like sugar but it's not sugar'.

You can buy them in tablet form called Sweet Minis available in packs of 100, 300 or 500. The granulated comes in a cardboard carton in 75g or 125.

Spenda granulated is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, however, the tablets aren't because of the presence of lactose.

Nutrition Information: Per tablet:  0.2 calories, trace protein, trace carbohydrates, 0g fat, trace sodium.
Ingredients: Lactose, (from milk), sweetener (sucralose: 11%), leucine, cross-linked cellulose gum.

Nutrition Information: Per teaspoon granulated: 2 calories, 0g protein, 0.5g carbohydrates, 0g fat, trace sodium.
Ingredients: Maltodextrin, sweetener (sucralose: 1%). May contain traces of milk and soya protein due to packaging process.

Visit the Splenda website here.

Feeding Kids: 120 Foolproof Family Recipes. The Netmums Cookery Book

No matter how healthy you are or how much you advocate healthy eating, when you have children, it seems they just don’t share your interest. Give them a choice between chips or a jacket potato, and chips win every time. It’s often a complete waste of time endlessly chopping up vegetables, children just don’t want to know. So what can you do?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Canderel Granulated Sweetener and Tablets

Canderel has been around for a long time now. They were one of the first substitutes for sugar that gave dieters an alternative to saccharin based sweeteners. Canderel contains maltodextrin and uses aspartame and acesulfame-K to provide the sweetness but doesn't leave any unpleasant aftertaste.

The tablets are for your hot drinks and the granulated version is designed to be sprinkled onto cereals and used in cooking. In common with many sugar substitutes, the granulated form tends to 'froth' slightly once it makes contact with liquids.

Packs of canderel tablets are available in 100s, 300s or 500 refill packs. Jars of granulated come as 45g or 75g jars. One of the newer additions to the Canderel family are Canderel Vanilla Sticks. These are individual sachets of granulated sweetener mixed with ground vanilla grains - just perfect for a vanilla latte. Each sachet is the equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar and contains only 7 calories compared with around 40 for sugar. 

Nutritional Information: Per teaspoon: 1.9 calories, 0.47 carbohydrate, 0g fat, 0.03g sodium.
Nutritional Information: Per tablet: 0.3 calories, 0.6g carbohydrates, 0.03g sodium.

Ingredients: Canderel Granulated:  Maltodextrine, Sweeteners: Aspartame* and Acesulfame-K, Flavouring, *Contains a source of Phenylalanine.

Ingredients: Canderel Tablets: Lactose (From Milk), Sweeteners: Aspartame* and Acesulfame-K, Leucine, Cross-Linked CMC, Flavouring, *Contains a source of Phenylalanine.

Read about the NEW Yellow Canderel in this post.

Malted Milk Biscuits - Tesco

If you like the taste of malt and you like biscuits, you're sure to love these Malted Milk biscuits from Tesco. Each biscuit has only 44 calories which is pretty good for a biscuit that isn't wafer thin but has a nice crunch and delicious malty taste.

Nutritional Information: Each: 44 calories, 5.9g carbohydrates, 1.9g fat.

Tesco Malted Milk Biscuits


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