Monday, 24 January 2011

Why Losing Weight Might Be Bad For You

This is probably the research hard pressed dieters want to hear - losing weight might be bad for us. In a study published in the Nutrition Journal, an analysis of 350,000 people in the United States seemed to show that people who are overweight actually live longer. Apparently those who are obese and make it through to old age, tend to live longer than skinnies reaching their golden years.

Although we are continually informed that obesity is likely to lead to an early death, these researchers claim it's not being fat that puts people at risk of heart disease, it's all down to poor diet and lack of exercise. One of the researchers, Linda Bacon, of California University says 'our analysis indicates that researchers have long interpreted research data through a biased lens'.

While this is certainly very interesting information, many dieters are not only dieting for the health benefits. They want to look slim too. So even if you have a healthy diet, but are simply eating so much that you're overweight (yes this is possible), you'll still have to cut back on your calories to lose weight, even if you are healthy.


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