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Robinsons No Added Sugar

Robinsons are one of the most well known brands of dilutable fruit squash drinks. For those who can't abide drinking plain old water, Robinsons have a fruit flavour designed to quench everyone's thirst. However, since many dilutable drinks are packed with sugar, they're neither kind to your teeth or your waist. Fortunately, there are loads of different flavours to choose from in the 'No Added Sugar' range of fruit squash drinks.
Some of the Fruit & Barley range

Here are some of the flavours available now: Apple & Blackcurrant, Orange, Summer Fruits, Orange & Pineapple, Lemon or Orange & Mango. If you like Robinsons Barley flavour drinks, you could also try out the Robinsons Fruit & Barley No Added Sugar range with flavours such as Apple & Pear, Pink Grapefruit, Peach, Summer Fruits, Tropical, Strawberry & Kiwi or Orange.

Without the addition of sugar, you can drink as much as you like without having to worry about the calories. Of course, not having sugar means they do have the addition of sweeteners, in this case Aspartame and Saccharin.

Robinsons No Added Sugar fruit squash or fruit & barley drinks are readily available in most supermarkets and many convenience stores.

Nutritional Information: Per 100ml undiluted Summer Fruits: Calories 9, protein 0.1g, carbohydrate 1.1g, sugars 1.1g, fat trace, sodium 0.1g.

A selection of the No Added Sugar range


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