Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Rakusen's 99% Crackers

Here is another brand of cracker which the discerning dieter will be pleased to discover. These 99% crackers from Rakusen have only 1% fat and that is only what occurs naturally in the wheat flour. They're exceptionally low in calories with only 18 per cracker. As can be expected they are a little on the dry side but they're a decent size and you can pile them with lots of salad and your favourite toppings.

For instance, try cucumber, tomato, low fat cream cheese with a slice of wafer thin ham for a delicious snack. Currently they come in Original flavour, Herb & Onion and Cracker Snax. You can usually find 99% crackers in larger supermarkets and many health food shops.

Nutritional Information: Per cracker: 18 cals, carbs 4.1g, fat 0.05g, fibre 0.2g, sodium 0.04g


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