Monday, 17 January 2011

Rosemary Conley Portion Pots for Portion Control

Portion Pots® from Rosemary Conley
It's so easy overestimating your portion sizes, especially if you rely on your own judgement as a guide. However, with these Portion Pots® from Rosemary Conley, there is no margin for error when measuring out items such as breakfast cereal, rice, pasta or anything that needs an exact amount.

 They are available in sizes 80ml, 125ml, 250ml and 330ml and come complete with a handy measuring guide for different foods.

Using these measuring pots for the first time can come as a shock when you discover how far out you were when judging your portion sizes. But if your weight loss has slowed it could be because you are inadvertently eating too much because your portions sizes are too big. Portion pots could help get you back on track.

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