Friday, 7 January 2011

The Perfect Age To Diet

Most women would admit they find it a struggle to lose weight. However, it seems there is a cut-off date after which time it could be more difficult to diet. According to a survey by Lambrini Light, the ideal age to start slimming is 28. Apparently, at this age women have more time, dedication and willpower to devote to their diets, including going to the gym and exercising.

Once women hit their thirties and middle age, they're either too preoccupied with the combined demands of raising children, running a household and work, to worry about their diets. And once they're into their middle age they simply lose interest in trying to make their body perfect.

From a study of 3,000 women aged over 30, some 64 percent of them replied they felt that there was a stage in their lives when they were best at dieting. And it seems that getting older relieves women of the pressures of their younger years to look perfect, with 38 percent aged in their forties and fifties stating that dieting or having a perfect figure wasn't a priority any more and they were more accepting of their body shape.


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