Monday, 17 January 2011

Peperami Lunchbox Minis

Cold meat snacks such as salami and pepperoni are horrendously high in fat. So if you're on a diet and like this sort of food, then normally you'd have to steer well clear. However, those makers of Pepperami Spiced sausage have kindly manufactured mini Pepperamis, all individually wrapped and containing 30 percent less fat than regular Pepperami.

They're still a high fat product with 30g of fat per 100g compared with 44g for the regular version. However, because they are packed individually you can keep track of the amount of fat you're consuming. In this case, each mini Pepperami stick has 3g of fat. You can easily include one of these in your diet and not have to worry about exceeding your calorie allowance.

Nutritional Information: Per 10g sausage: 38 calories, protein 0.2g, fat 3.0g, salt 0.4g.


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