Monday, 17 January 2011

Peach, Pear & Pineapple in Fruit Juice (Tesco)

Tesco's individual pots of fruit in fruit juice are great in so many ways. Not only are they very low in calories (60 or less per pot), they have a long shelf life so can be stored in the cupboard for when you've run out of fresh fruit. This is especially useful during winter when buying fresh fruit can be extremely expensive, more so if you want out of season produce like peaches.

They also count for one of your 'five a day' and of course save you the time of chopping and preparing your own fruit. Because they are packed individually, it's already portion controlled so you don't eat too much (unless you open another one)! And by topping the fruit with a tablespoon of yogurt, you have a healthy dessert ready in an instant.

Available in Tesco stores as part of a multi-pack of four individual pots.

Tip: Save even more calories by draining the juice away.

Nutritional Information: Per 120g pot: 60 calories, protein 0.6g, carbohydrates 13.9g, fat trace, fibre 1.2g, salt trace.


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