Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Outline of the South Beach Diet

Dieters who advocate the principles of the Atkins diet but find it hard to stick to, may find the South Beach diet an easier alternative.  Created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, it rose to fame after several celebrities claimed to have lost weight while following it.

The South Beach diet follows the glycemic index. This means eating foods that release glucose into the bloodstream at a slower rate and you must stick to eating low fat foods. 

There are three phases to follow where phase one consists of two weeks of restraint. Although it’s the strictest phase of the diet, the six mealtimes are designed to stave off hunger so you won’t feel hungry. It’s also the period when you lose the most weight. You will, however, have to omit bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and fruit, so if you can survive the first two weeks, you should do well on this diet. 

Phase two gradually introduces carbohydrates but they must have a low glycemic index and dieters learn to choose between good and bad carbohydrates. Phase three is designed to be followed for life. If at any time you start gaining weight, it’s recommended you return to one of the earlier phases to get back on track.

Overall, the South Beach diet is a well balanced one though it may prove difficult to follow during the first two weeks. It should help you learn how your body and weight responds to certain carbohydrates while teaching you to switch between the various phases when necessary in order maintain a healthy weight.


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