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Outline of the Mayo Clinic Diet

There appear to be two Mayo Clinic diets, one of which is not associated with the actual Mayo clinic and promotes a somewhat unhealthy and extreme diet. The real Mayo Clinic Diet however, has the full endorsement of the Mayo Clinic in America and it’s an exceptionally healthy and well-balanced diet which is designed to be followed for life.

This isn’t a quick weight loss diet, although the first couple of weeks may give that impression. Those who follow it are absolutely delighted and often find it works where other diets have failed.

You should buy the Mayo Clinic Diet Book which guides you through the initial two weeks consisting of Part 1, the ‘Lose it’ phase. This is designed to get you off to a quick start where you could lose up to 10 pounds.

After Part 1, the expectations are set for a realistic weight loss of one to two pounds a week while following the Part 2 ‘Live it’ phase.

Finally, in Part 3, 'All the Extra Stuff' there are meal planners, tips and recipes plus lots more. The diet book is especially helpful for providing the motivation to keep going. It doesn’t, however, provide much in the way of recipes but there is a separate recipe cook book written in conjunction with Phyllis Pellman based on the Mayo Clinic food principles.

It's strongly recommended to purchase the accompanying Mayo Clinic Diet Journal which dieters find to be an invaluable source of help, especially with planning, tracking and reviewing progress.

All the food included in the diet is regular everyday stuff that’s available in the supermarkets and everyone in the family can eat the same. Going hungry isn’t an option as dieters can eat unlimited quantities of fruit and vegetables.

Much of the diet plan is devoted towards helping you give up ‘bad’ habits while replacing them with new ‘good’ ones. The book deals with common behavioral issues relating to the way people eat while providing plenty of encouragement for individuals to discover their own motivations for losing weight. Exercise is encouraged but this can include activities such as mowing the lawn or making the beds. In fact, anything that raises the heart rate is counted as exercise.

Overall, the Mayo Clinic Diet doesn’t proclaim any magical new theories or quick loss weight loss formulas. However, it does provide a sensible, easy to follow and scientifically backed-up guide to healthy eating. As with most diets, it requires willpower and determination but you won't feel deprived. Following the Mayo Clinic Diet, dieters should successfully lose excess pounds then continue to maintain a healthy weight thereafter.

Want to try it out for yourself? You can purchase the Mayo Clinic diet books below.

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