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Options Drinking Chocolate Range

Thank heavens for Options. Those of us dieters who love drinking chocolate, know only too well that a mug of milky hot chocolate is out of bounds most of the time.

Fortunately, Options fantastically delicious range of low calorie hot chocolate drinks mean you don't need to forgo your choccy indulgence as each individual sachet contains less than 45 calories.

Options first arrived on the scene in the 1980s with two flavours: Chocolate and Mint. Since then many more manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagen with their own low cal chocolate drinks. However, none of them can match the taste of Options while retaining such a low calorie count.

These days we're spoilt for choice with flavours that include: Coconut, Banana, Vanilla, Double Choc, Hazelnut, Orange, Mint, White Chocolate, Belgian Choc and Toffee.

Indulgence Options
Options also have an Indulgence range with slightly more calories at 60 per serving. These include: Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Cherry. And a delicious 'Limited Edition' Chocolate Banoffee crops up from time to time, so keep a look out for it.

One of the latest flavours to sneak onto the shelves is Dreamy Caramel with 39 calories. I've only found them in Morrisons so far. They're absolutely delicious and my second favorite after the white chocolate.

Options are available as individual sachets or as a 220g jar though there are limited flavours in the jars. Most  supermarkets stock them as do many smaller convenience stores. However, not all flavours are sold in all stores. Highly recommended is the Wicked White chocolate but it can be hard to find. Large Tescos, Morrisons and some branches of Waitrose do regularly stock it.

Tip: When making up a mug of Options, try mixing the powder with a little milk then topping up with water for extra creaminess.

Nutritional Information: Per 11g sachet of Belgian Chocolate: 37 calories, Protein 1.3g, carbohydrate 5.8g, fat 0.9g, fibre 1.3g, salt 0.3g

An Options Jar and some sachets

Options website

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  1. Hi, when you post carbohydrate values, don't forget the sugar content, as the devil is usually in the detail! In the Options range, nearly 50% of the carbohydrate is pure sugar. Bad! Compare for example with Cadbury's Highlights, only 20% sugar.



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