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Tips For Controlling Your Portion Sizes

It's so easy to go overboard when you're dishing up a bowl of cereal in the morning. Breakfast bowls are often far too big to hold an appropriate amount of cereal. How many of us bother to measure out exact quantities of cereal each morning? Instead, we assume that the breakfast bowls are designed to hold the right amount. But unfortunately that's often very misleading.

Why not take a look on the side of your cereal packet to see what they say constitutes a 'portion'. It's usually a far smaller amount than you would imagine. And when you place it in your regular cereal bowl, it looks lost. You feel you are depriving yourself. So, what to do?

Simple. Follow this easy trick and you won't go far wrong when dishing up your cereal. Just swap your regular bowl for a small one. For instance, use a bowl that's designed to hold dips or desserts.

According to a US study, people serving themselves ice-cream with a large spoon and bowl, actually ended up eating 60 percent more. But using a small spoon with the same big bowl they served up 31 percent less ice cream. According to Laura Clark of the British Dietetic Association, "Serving your food on a smaller plate may help".

Take a look at the picture below showing two bowls. The bowl on the right has four tablespoons of muesli, or 66g, the recommended amount for this cereal. This portion looks somewhat lost and unless you are very controlled, it would be hard to stop here without feeling distinctly deprived. But try tipping it into the smaller bowl and suddenly it doesn't seem such a miserly amount.

Use this same trick on your plates, replacing a side plate instead of your usual dinner plate. And to make your food last longer, try swapping your cereal or dessert spoon for a teaspoon.

To make measuring your cereal portion sizes even easier, you might find "The Diet Plate" Calorie Counted Breakfast Cereal Bowlprovides the perfect answer. Using this cereal bowl, you can forget about counting calories. The bowl does it for you. You just measure out your cereal up to the relevant line, add milk and you have the correct serving size. It works wonders at helping you rediscover just what a portion size really looks like.

Take a browse through Amazon and you'll see there are several diet friendly dishes that can help you with controlling your portion sizes.

Here's the Diet Plate below.

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