Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Forget the snacks if you want to lose weight

Bread manufacturers, Hovis, have published the results of a fascinating study into the snacking habits of women in Britain. The Hovis research is to help launch their new 'Stop Snacking' app in Facebook. By better understanding the snacking habits of women, the app aims to help women overcome their desire for snacks by providing advice and ideas for more filling breakfasts.

Here are some of the findings from interviews with 2,000 women.
  • 55% wanted to give up snacking completely
  • 54% eat unhealthy treats 2 or 3 times a day
  • 49% prefered snacking on the sofa
  • 48% cite mid-morning hunger pangs as a reason for snacking
  • 33% prefered snacking at the office
  • 14% of British women (4 million) will eat 5 or more unhealthy snacks a day
Annually, each of these women are likely to consume 129 packets of crisps, 127 chocolate bars, 77 cakes and 133 biscuits. But what about men? Are they immune?

And we wonder why there is an obesity epidemic!


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