Friday, 21 January 2011

Danone Activia Fat Free Yogurts

Yogurts can be extremely healthy or worryingly fattening. Because plain yogurt is usually quite sour and unpalatable, manufacturers often add loads of sugar and flavourings to improve their taste. So, when it comes to dieting, it's best to choose those that are labelled at 'Fat-free' or 'low calorie'. Be careful though when choosing fat-free because they can still contain a lot of sugar therefore retaining a fair few calories.

Activia have a huge variety of yogurts, but some of them should never be touched by those watching their weight. Fortunately, their range of fat-free yogurts are extremely tasty and can easily be incorporated into a weight-loss diet plan.

Activia fat-free yogurts can be purchased as a pack of 4 x 125g, 8 x 125g or individual pots containing 165g. Currently, although there aren't quite as many flavours available in the fat-free range, there are still plenty to choose from.

Most supermarkets stock a few from the range: 4 and 8 x 125g packs: Fat Free Forest Fruits, Fat Free Vanilla, Fat Free Mandarin, Fat Free Raspberry, Fat Free Mixed Yellow Fruits, Fat Free Peach and Fat Free Cherry. 165g pots: Fat Free Strawberry, Fat Free Raspberry, Fat Free Peach, Fat Free Vanilla, Fat Free Cherry and Fat Free Mango.

Calories vary with the larger 165g pots obviously packing a few more calories than the 125g pots due to their larger size. Below is an example of the nutritional content for one pot of 125g Fat Free Raspberry yogurt. Sugar content may seem a lot but it falls within the 'medium' rather than 'high' guidelines for sugar content.

Nutritional Information: Per 125g pot: 59 calories, 8g sugar, trace fat, 0.3g salt.


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