Tuesday, 4 January 2011

DANONE Actimel Fat Free Drinking Yogurts

Danone Actimel fat free drinking yogurtDanone Actimel have a large range of delicious drinking yogurts. However, these tiny bottles, containing only 100g, do have lots of sugar in them and as many as 80 calories.

However, you can save yourself 50 calories a bottle by purchasing the fat free flavours.They still provide a healthy dose of probiotics and they're just as tasty.

Danone Actimel original fat free drinking yogurtDanone Actimel are described as: Yogurt drink with L.casei Danone cultures, Vitamins B6 and D, sugar and sweeteners.
Flavours available include: Original, Raspberry or Strawberry. There used to be a Peach & Mango fat free, but unfortunately that's no longer available.

If you choose to go for the non-fat free Actimels, there's a lot more variety (very unfair). Currently (May 2013) flavours include: Coconut, Vanilla, Blueberry, Multifruit, Orange, Strawberry, Mango & Passionfruit, Raspberry, Strawberry & Banana and Apricot.

Danone Actimel are sold in either 8 x 100ml multipacks or 12 x 100ml multipacks and they're frequently on special offer - e.g. buy 2 for £x. Luckily if you end up buying two large packs, they have a reasonably long shelf life of around 6 weeks.

You can find them in most major supermarkets.

Nutritional information: Per 100g bottle: Original flavour: Calories 28, carbs 3.3g, sugars 3.3g, fat 0.1g, saturates trace, salt 0.1g.


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