Monday, 17 January 2011

Downsizing Bread

Those of us who love bread simply can't get through a day without a few slices, be it a slice of toast at breakfast or a sandwich at lunch. But bread can be very high in calories, especially those which are crammed with seeds (delicious though they are). Of course there are a few brands of bread which are low in calories and these are generally those which are very light and airy and there doesn't seem to be too much to them.

However, you can still enjoy your bread while deceptively 'losing' a fair few calories each time you eat a slice of bread. All you have to do is buy the small loaf instead. Many of the larger brands of bread makers such as Hovis, Kingsmill and Warburtons make 400g loaves. Each slice can save you up to half the amount of calories per slice from the regular sized 800g loaf.

Example calorie saving:
1 slice from a 400g Hovis Wholemeal loaf = 57 calories. 
1 slice from an 800g Hovis Wholemeal loaf (medium) = 92 calories or (thick) 115 calories.


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