Monday, 10 January 2011

Alpen Light Chocolate & Fudge Bars

You wouldn't think for a minute that something containing both chocolate AND fudge would be allowed anywhere near a dieter's mouth. But these cereal bars from Alpen are low enough in calories that you can enjoy one of these without worrying about gaining weight.

Although cereal bars are often touted as healthy, the fact is, most of them are loaded with sugar and fat with many bars coming in at 200 calories or more. This 21g Alpen Light bar can be enjoyed for a mere 63 calories. Also in the range is 'Chocolate and Orange', 'Sultana and Apple' and 'Summer Fruits' all with 70 calories or less.

Nutritional Information: Per 21g bar: calories 63,  carbs 11.4g, fat 1.3g, fibre 4.6g, sodium 0.02g,


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