Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lindt Gold Mini Chocolate Bunnies

You know Easter must be approaching when the army of Lindt Gold Bunnies start appearing everywhere. What’s a dieter to do? Having recovered from the excesses of Christmas fare, now we’re confronted with chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and even a chocolate lamb.

They all look so tempting but oh so calorific. If you find yourself drawn to buying one of these treats before Easter, keep an eye out for the Lindt Gold Mini Chocolate Bunnies. These irresistibly cute mini bunnies are only 5cm (2") tall, weigh 10g and have around 55 calories each.

Like their larger relatives, they’re made from solid milk chocolate with a hollow centre. 

You’ll usually find them loitering around the checkout area where they know you won’t be able to resist them.

And why not? At 55 calories a bunny, even the most stringent diet should be able to accommodate one of these.

Available at Boots stores, Tesco and Waitrose now.


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