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Green & Black’s Organic Miniature Chocolate Bars

If you can’t trust yourself not eat a whole 100g bar of Green & Black’s chocolate, you could always opt for the miniature 15g size instead. 
These tiny, individually wrapped, Green & Black’s chocolate bars are perfectly formed versions of their larger relatives. 

To get a better idea, they stand 5.5cm (2.25") tall and measure 2.5cm (1") width ways.

Varieties include:

Dark Collection:
Hazelnut, Hazelnut & Currant, Cherry, Ginger, Dark 70%, Dark 85%.

Classic Collection:
Milk, Milk Butterscotch, Dark Ginger, Dark Cherry, Dark 70%, Milk Almond.

Milk Collection
White, Creamy Milk, Milk, Butterscotch, Almond, Raisin & Hazelnut.

They’re the ideal size if you’re craving a chocolate hit but don’t want all the calories of a regular sized bar. Just like the larger packs, a whole 15g bar has 12 sections. With each chocolate bar typically containing 87 calories, a single square is worth a mere 7 calories.

White Chocolate Miniature
The only slight drawback is they are usually only sold as collection packs of 12 bars (180g), so you can't just buy one. But, since they all come with their own wrappers, it’s easy to take out one bar, put the rest away and go off to eat the entire 12 squares all by yourself, without overloading on calories.

How many chocolate bars with 12 squares can you happily enjoy every day while sticking to a calorie controlled diet?
Almond Milk Chocolate Miniature

Of course, a bit of chocolate every day is good for us, whether or not we’re on a diet. It doesn’t just have to be dark chocolate either as mentioned in the following posts:

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You can buy Green & Black’s Miniature 15g selection packs from supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose or they’re available online. See below.


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