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Graze Box Review - Week 6

Graze Box Delivery Date: 30 December 2011 

Once again, for the sixth week in a row, my Graze nibble box was delivered right on time. I could get used to this. It’s certainly been an impressive service, from both and the Post Office.

Looking into the latest Graze box, at first glance, I can see the contents of this week’s selection won’t last out the day.

So what did I get?

As soon as I opened the box, I recognised two punnets: Lost Army and Bounty Hunter. I’ve had both of these in previous Graze boxes and rated them either LIKE or LOVE.

Graze like to keep their customers happy by sending out snacks they know you like. This is why their rating system is so helpful. You’ll only receive what you are willing to try or really want. If you rate LOVE you’ll get them regularly and if you rate LIKE they send the snack occasionally. Bounty Hunter was received in week 2 and reviewed here. This mix consists of milk chocolate drops, coconut flakes and dried cranberries. I rated this snack as ‘LIKE’.

Lost Army was received in week 1 and reviewed here. This mix is a delicious oriental cracker mix and low calorie – just 85 calories for the punnet. I rated this ‘LOVE’.

Graze Box: Lost Army, Americas Nut Mix, Bounty Hunter, Hot Cross Yum

Americas Nut Mix 

Americas Nut Mix is a selection of Brazil nuts, almonds and pecan nuts. Since this pack is made up entirely of nuts, it wasn’t too much of a surprise to find them the highest calorie pack I’ve yet received. But they are large nuts, whole Brazils, almonds and large pieces of pecan. The kids especially liked the pecans and Brazils so they didn’t last long. Everything is all very fresh and crunchy. Nothing to dislike here, even the almonds were pretty good. This gets a ‘LIKE’.

Calories for the punnet: 266.
Americas Nut Mix

Hot Cross Yum 

Hot Cross Yum is a mix made up of sponge pieces, citrus sultanas and cinnamon honey almonds. This pack also has a New symbol on the front. Upon peeling back the cover, I’m greeted with a smell which is uncannily reminiscent of hot cross buns. How apt.

The sponge pieces are crunchy, like tiny biscuits rather than a sponge. But they seem to absorb a little of their surrounding flavours, which in this case, was citrus and cinnamon. The sultanas are exceptionally tasty and to me, far nicer than the real sultana taste. Graze have a lovely selection of raisins and sultanas infused with various fruit flavours which I’d never normally have the chance to eat.

Almonds have never been my favourite nut, but these almonds, with their crunchy cinnamon and honey coating, are unrecognisable as an almond. They might play havoc with the fillings, but they are fantastic. We were all in agreement, they actually taste like a hot cross bun. This is such a clever selection. I’m thrilled and surprised to see this snack pack has just 134 calories. Verdict: hot cross yum yum yum. (LOVE)

Calories for the punnet: 134.

The total Graze box calorie count for this week is 630, including 145 for Bounty Hunter and 85 for Lost Army.

The little nutrition leaflet accompanying this week’s Graze box, informs me that almonds are the highest fibre nut and that coconut contains easy to assimilate proteins. It also tells me that the America Nut mix contains vitamin B1 for a healthy heart.

On the opposite page there is a smiling photo of a lady introduced as Ylva - (BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy. We are given a short bio on Ylva, who is responsible for designing the Graze nutrition plans, ensuring the boxes contain a good balance of nutrients so we, the customers, get all the benefits of natural food. Little messages like this all help to positively affirm the importance Graze places on good health.

Until next week…

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